Magic by David Solomon

Solomon's Secrets Book
Solomon's Secrets
Book by David Solomon - $55.00

There are a few card magicians who IMMEDIATELY grab our attention, and David Solomon is one. Why? He has built a career around devising extremely clever, surprising, and (mostly) easy to do card magic. His tricks and plots are NOT derivative. Instead, they often SET the trends for what others will...

The Wisdom of Solomon Book
The Wisdom of Solomon
Book by David Solomon - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

David Solomon is a genius! His books are the rarest kind: FUN to read with a deck in hand. You can just devour his latest and most comprehensive work to date. Whether your interests are clever, self-working card magic or more challenging sleights, you’ll find something of interest here.  ...

Solomon's Secret Subtleties DVD or download
Solomon's Secret Subtleties
DVD or download by David Solomon - $34.95

Dave Solomon is one of the worlds leading thinkers on card magic. His books and DVDs have bought him international acclaim, and on this new DVD, it's clear to see why Dave is held in such high esteem. All of these tricks will fool you. From the self working to the technical,...

Card Solutions of Solomon DVD
Card Solutions of Solomon
DVD by David Solomon - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

David Solomon is one of the most respected and revered card magicians in magic today. With a compelling approach to handlings and method, plus a razor sharp attention to detail, Solomon's routines are performed by amateurs and experts all over the world. The Card Solutions Of David...

Oil & Water Remixed DVD
Oil & Water Remixed
DVD by David Solomon - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Oil and Water is an extremely visual trick. Audiences love it. Now you can learn the ultimate version of this classic card effect - David Solomon's Technicolor Oil & Water. Two packets of cards are shown: four reds with red backs and four blacks with blue backs. The cards are mixed -...

Phoenix Deck - Mental Marriage Trick
Phoenix Deck - Mental Marriage
Trick by David Solomon - $19.50

The magician displays four Queens and four Kings and his lucky coin. The spectator shuffles the Queens and the Kings. She selects a King and a Queen, a completely free selection. When she holds the lucky coin the cards match, a marriage and conversely with no lucky coin the cards do not match....

Thoughts Across DVD
Thoughts Across
DVD by David Solomon - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

EffectA direct, devious method for the classic Cards Across plot. Two spectators select a card - mentally - from a packet of ten. Without any questions, sleights, or monkey business, both cards vanish from the packet completely, and travel to another packet which has been in plain sight from the...