The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project

By Boris Wild
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The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project

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DVD or download by Boris Wild ($30.00)

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The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - magic
The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project

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"The definitive work on the marked deck. This is a reputation maker!" Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal

Learn the techniques and skills to turn a marked deck into the most powerful magical weapon imaginable.

2 DISCS - Over 4 hours of in-depth tuition

Boris Wild has spent a lifetime perfecting the art of using a marked deck. He has elevated its use to an artform; using its benefits in the most sophisticated and imaginative ways possible.

This is NOT about just having a card selected and reading its value from the back. It's WAAAAAAAAY more than that. Master the techniques Boris will teach you, and you will have a weapon in your arsenal that will elevate ALL the card magic you perform. Think of the Marked Deck as a tool that can supercharge every routine you do. It can add a layer of deception to any effect, help you get ahead of your spectators, rescue you if a trick goes wrong - and Boris teaches you how to achieve ALL of this.

The lessons and insights taught to you on this enormous 4 hour + project will help you master the best-selling Boris Wild Marked Deck, and highlight just why Boris' patented design is so ingenious. You can achieve miracles with Boris Wild's Marked Deck that just cannot be achieved with any other deck! After watching The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project, you will NEVER leave the house without a Marked Deck again.

Boris even teaches you how to design and create your own, customized Boris Wild Marked Decks for the ultimate personalized weapon.


  • Double Revelation
  • Zero Touch (Magician's Version)
  • Zero Touch (Spectator's Version)
  • The Ideal Effect
  • Peek Sandwich
  • Inexplicable
  • Invisible, But Marked
  • Plus - A pro teach-in on The Cull and learn The Revelation Pass
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I only give it a "Pretty Good" rating because it wasn't really deserving of a "Below Standard" rating. Although I feel it was close. I was very underwhelmed with the entire project. I felt that for the money, the Cull section might give it value but it fell well short to me. Clocking in at only about 5 1/2 mins and did not really explain it that well. The marked deck effects, all taught assuming you will be using his marked decks (which only come in "Maiden Back" now (unless you can track down transfers and make your own). All that said, you will learn the nuances of his marking system as well as why "HE" thinks it is the best, as well as about 7 routines (some with a couple variations). I will end with $30 not being a lot to ask for a 2 disc set and YMMV.

The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project by Boris Wild