Magic by Boris Wild

Classics Gone Wild Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Classics Gone Wild
Magic download (video) by Boris Wild - $15.00

Boris Wild is a creative force in magic. Now this FISM winner shares an ENTIRE LECTURE of new material exclusively with Vanishing Inc. Magic. Running one hour in length, Boris takes us through some of his newest, most interesting material. You will learn: SHOW OFF: A fast-paced routine with...

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Transparency Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Transparency
Book by Boris Wild - $50.00

Everything you ever wanted to know about the marked deck but were afraid to ask! Just think of the power you would have if you could find any face-down card in a shuffled deck in three or four seconds. What would you do? Yes, miracles! All of the most amazing effects that Boris Wild...

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Pure Telepathy Trick
Pure Telepathy
Trick by Boris Wild - $39.90

Imagine if you could reveal a card that has been simply peeked at while your back was turned; without looking at the face of the cards or asking any questions... Imagine if you could reveal this thought of card in such a way that it would seem like real mind reading... ...

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Boris Wild's Sensations DVD (pre-order)
Boris Wild's Sensations
DVD (pre-order) by Boris Wild - $30.00

Bigblindmedia presents Boris Wild's Sensations Includes Winner of 'TRICK OF THE YEAR' at TRICS 2017 - 'PURACAAN' You like magic when it is simple, direct, and effective? You like to be fooled by impossible effects that leave a strong impact on the audience?...

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