Classics Gone Wild

Magic download (video) by Boris Wild
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Classics Gone Wild

18.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Boris Wild ($18.00)

Boris Wild is a creative force in magic. Now this FISM winner shares an ENTIRE LECTURE of new material exclusively with Vanishing Inc. Magic. Running one hour in length, Boris takes us through some of his newest, most interesting material. You will learn:

SHOW OFF: A fast-paced routine with two selections and an extremely cool ending.

INEXPLICABLE: This is a squeaky clean prediction effect in which an isolated card ends up matching a selection. It gives the appearance of a total lack of manipulation, and total fairness.

POP (Perfect Open Prediction): Boris takes a blue backed card and openly shows the Eight of Clubs to be the prediction. The spectator then takes a red deck and deals the cards face up until she gets a feeling, and at that point she deals one card face down into the face-up pile...When this reversed card is revealed, it is shown to be the Eight of Clubs.

ACAAB (Any Card At Any Birthday): This is Boris' new signature effect. We won't spoil the surprise for you, but there is no POSSIBLE way to intuit the method of this clever, engaging, and entertaining new take on a classic plot.

Running time: 1 hour, 5 minutes


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Customer reviews for Classics Gone Wild



This is such a great download! Boris Wild is a legend in my books and such a nice guy (meet hime at the Session last year)!

Even though I saw this live I bought it again because to see him perform is wroth the value of this download but to re learn these incredible effects is amazing!



Boris is such a wonderful magician and this lecture shows why! Really great stuff in here! I love the Any Card At Any Birthdate! A great take on a great effect and worth the price of the download!



What a great download!
POP and ACAAB are whats amazing with this lecture.
Both are very easy, but nearly as powerful as you can get if you play up the fairness!
Also Boris will teach you a super interesting subtlety that allows you to end 99% clean with POP.

Great effects for Parlor/Stage and for your Magic club. (and if you really like them you could even make them work for Walk Around)



For me, the POP worth the whole price. Boris Wild is a FISM Winner, is a good teacher, is a good thinker, all the moves that he does are justified, no extra moves, no hardcore techniques, just simple and direct magic. All the magic is great, but as I said before, POP alone worth the 15 dollars and more.







Really enjoyed his lecture,surprised by how much fun i'm gonna have with a couple of effects he showed. And gave me some other ideas i had.Thanks for the lecture.

Classics Gone Wild by Boris Wild