Note A Bill 2020

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Note A Bill 2020

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Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. ($16.72 - normally $22.00)

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Note A Bill 2020 - magic
Note A Bill 2020 Note A Bill 2020

Your drawing turns into real currency!

Like a dream come true, you can now pluck a drawing of a banknote off the page, visually transforming it into genuine money!

You will be able to perform this eye-popping trick at a moment's notice, since it uses everyday objects that you can carry with you on a daily basis.

The gimmick is reusable so you can repeat for future performances.

  1. Draw the picture of a banknote on the pad.

  2. Rub the drawing with your fingers, and...

  3. The drawing miraculously transforms into a real bill! The drawing simultaneously vanishes from the pad. Open up the banknote to display that it is genuine money.


Community questions about Note A Bill 2020

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  • Michael asks: Can the produced bill, card, etc. be handed out for inspection?

    • 1. Anthony answers: Yes, no problems there.
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  • Dean asks: U.S. Money?

    • 1. Donald answers: Yes, you may send me US Dollars. I accept twenty, ten, five and one dollar bills, because you will feel better giving me money.
    • 2. Anthony answers: There are spare blank gimmicks included, so you could reconfigure it for US currency.
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  • Charlie asks: Any arts/crafts needed?

    • 1. Anthony answers: An extremely small quantity. If you can walk and chew gum, you'll be fine.
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  • Paul asks: Does this trick come in U.S currency?

    • 1. Anthony answers: No, but spare blank gimmicks are included. You can retool it for US currency with little effort.
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  • Cernat asks: You have to asamble it by yourself ?!

    • 1. David answers: Yes, you have to assemble it yourself. The package and enclosed instructions are all in Japanese, but there is an online link to English instructions regarding assembly and method. These are four foolscap pages long, when printed off, and in my opinion are not easy to follow, without knowing the construction of the assembled product. I am a magician and not a factory assembly worker. Again, in my opinion the item should come assembled (or part-assembled, as there are several methods of use.) Finally, my package appears to be one small item missing, so cannot be assembled. I will not be able to use this effect.
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  • Sean asks: Can you use plastic (Australian) bills that don't fold perfectly flat?

    • 1. Anthony answers: Yes, there is some leeway with the thickness of the bill. Try to get it as flat as possible, of course, but you should be fine.
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Note A Bill 2020 by Ltd. Tenyo Co.