Harry Robson's Roughing Stick

Accessory by Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner
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Harry Robson's Roughing Stick

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Accessory by Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner (From $14.99)

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Harry Robson's Roughing Stick - magic

Thirty years of research from Harry Robson has led to the exact formula of what we now present: the Roughing Stick. This is a stick of a hard substance and what it does is simply incredible.

When you rub the surface of the stick against a card, it will act as roughing fluid does, only better. The cards stay together in roughed pairs, yet are more easily separated without fumbling whenever you want. The stick leaves NO RESIDUE, and with the roughing stick supplied you can create at least 150 Invisible Decks! This is, for all purposes, a LIFETIME supply. The best part? It’s so inexpensive.

Imagine the possibilities. Packet tricks, Brainwave, Invisible Deck, and more just got MUCH easier to make, on your own, and many original tricks that would have required a spraying shed or a craftsman to manufacture can now be done at your kitchen table within minutes.

To see just how practical it is, you can watch Harry Robson make an Invisible Deck in less than two minutes in the trailer. It’s a great new technology at an unbeatable price.

Includes a 14-minute instructional video detailing exactly how to apply the roughing stick to make your own gimmicked decks.


Customer reviews for Harry Robson's Roughing Stick

Gary Berard

The roughing stick works quite well. Maybe too well in some cases. A single roughed card will stick to a non-roughed card. If the roughed cards are always together (my application) then this is not an issue. You can feel some product on the card but I doubt that anyone would notice. You have to be looking for it. This is a quick, safe, and easy way to rough cards. I would recommend it.
-Gary Berard


Rick Hebert

This product is great. I bought this product to repair a "Mental Photography" deck that was made using roughing fluid (the roughing was wearing off due to humidity in Texas). The Roughing Stick did a great job and my deck is now as good as new.

I did accidentally rough the wrong side of one card, which caused a slight problem. I was able to wipe off the mistake by vigorously rubbing the card against a cloth napkin.


R.J. Steele

just perfect nuff said


Chris Aguilar

This is a quality product, which performs exactly (and perhaps better) than expected. Very easy to use, which encourages experimentation, sometimes beyond standard applications. It's very inexpensive and will last a long time. If you're interested in this sort of thing and want quick results (no messy sprays and so on) I'd give this a very high recommendation.


Tristam Smith

This works even better than roughing spray and is less complicated! And it lasts forever. Love it!!


Andrew Konitzer

Great product, easy to use. Was able to tighten up a deck easily. Well worth the money.


Russ Martin

Outstanding product! I was able to (a) resurrect a pair of decks for “Cosmic Connection” and (b) make a pair of new ones.


Great product. A tad smaller than I was expecting, but works well.


Steve Wallac

The top choice is excellent, but this is really a twenty star item!

I received mine and saved a worn out ID and a Mental Photography in literally under a minute.

I am ordering four more; One for my close up kit and one for each of my other shows. I will also keep one in the car.

If you are a pro, then just get this because it can be a complete show saver.

The instructional video is direct, to the point, short and comprehensive.

Think about it, you have that last minute call or situation where you have to perform "right now" and you have no equipment. You have had that happen or eventually you will and with this stick you will be able to stop at a convenience store and pick up a few decks of cards and you will have everything that you need and more.

You will also be able to salvage older decks and save money. I wish that I had known about this a long time ago.

This product is fantastic! This review is written by a full time professional.