Magic by Harry Robson

Roughing Stick Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Roughing Stick
Accessory by Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner - From $14.99

Thirty years of research from Harry Robson has led to the exact formula of what we now present: the Roughing Stick. This is a stick of a hard...

The Worker's Dream Trick
The Worker's Dream
Trick by Harry Robson - 167.99

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you...

Squid Cards Trick
Squid Cards
Trick by Michael Murray, Harry Robson, Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - From $23.99

Now available in a stage size! Squid Game inspired ESP cards that allow you to play "the game" and bring an exciting and relatable flair to...

Project Alpha Mail DVD
Project Alpha Mail
DVD by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - 24.95

Magicians and mentalists: If you've ever used gaffed or regular envelopes onstage, you need to check out Project Alpha Mail!This DVD gives you...

The Reputation Maker DVD
The Reputation Maker
DVD by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - 24.95

The Reputation Maker sees two-time FISM award-winner, Matthew Wright, team up with the "Godfather of British Magic," Harry Robson, to bring you an...

The Medal Trick
The Medal
Trick by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - 60.00

It only takes a second to create a moment of magic... but that moment can last forever. Harry Robson has spent a lifetime in magic creating this...

The Reputation Maker Magic download (video)
The Reputation Maker
Magic download (video) by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - 24.95

"When you watch this and see the explanation of this, it will feel like real magic. The actual explanation of it is like real magic. It is a...

HOW Wallet (Hands Off Wallet) Accessory
HOW Wallet (Hands Off Wallet)
Accessory by Harry Robson - 110.00

This is the brand new Wallet from Harry Robson. A completely new handling of the Card to Envelope inside a wallet. For the first time the spectator...

Magic Under Fire DVD
Magic Under Fire
DVD by Harry Robson - 39.95

Welcome to the crazy world of magician Harry Robson! Faced with an array of disinterested people and very difficult and demanding conditions, watch...