Roughing Stick

Accessory by Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner
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Roughing Stick

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Accessory by Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner (From $17.49 - normally $24.99)

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Roughing Stick - magic

Thirty years of research from Harry Robson has led to the exact formula of what we now present: the Roughing Stick. This is a stick of a hard substance and what it does is simply incredible.

When you rub the surface of the stick against a card, it will act as roughing fluid does, only better. The cards stay together in roughed pairs, yet are more easily separated without fumbling whenever you want. The stick leaves NO RESIDUE, and with the roughing stick supplied you can create at least 150 Invisible Decks! This is, for all purposes, a LIFETIME supply. The best part? It’s so inexpensive.

Imagine the possibilities. Packet tricks, Brainwave, Invisible Deck, and more just got MUCH easier to make, on your own, and many original tricks that would have required a spraying shed or a craftsman to manufacture can now be done at your kitchen table within minutes.

To see just how practical it is, you can watch Harry Robson make an Invisible Deck in less than two minutes in the trailer. It’s a great new technology at an unbeatable price.

Includes a 14-minute instructional video detailing exactly how to apply the roughing stick to make your own gimmicked decks.


Community questions about Roughing Stick

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  • Anthony asks: Hi , is ok to use on just one card? In other words in the instructions they use on both cards for cards for invisible deck . If I use mine for ID or brainwave can I just use on 1 card per pair? Thanks Anthony

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can apply it to one card and it will adhere.
    • 2. Anthony answers: Thank you.
  • Mitchell asks: Why is he rubbing it on front of card? i thought backs of cards were treated for invisible deck

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can rub on both sides for extra adherence.
    • 2. Sam answers: He is rubbing in on the front to make a brainwave deck not an invisible deck.
  • javier asks: Last month I bought "Roughing Stick" and the product is very hard to apply. Is it necessary to heat it a little ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please drop us an email - we can certainly help you apply it properly. You should not heat it up.
    • 2. javier answers: I have understand I have ship yours my email. My email is: Thanks
    • 3. javier answers: Please, I need your reply. Thanks
  • Peter asks: HI, in the instruction video, Harry mentions about showing a performance of his ID routine, is this available somewhere?

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    • Derek asks: Love this product. You apply to one card (like science friction), as opposed to two cards, like traditional roughing spray. But for the ( rare) occasion where you need something like traditional roughing spray (requiring both cards to be roughed), does anyone have any recommendations?

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      • Stanley asks: What is better for roughing cards, Science Friction Spray or the Roughing Stick?

        • 1. Peter answers: I have the roughing stick and spray and in my opinion the spray works better.
        • 2. Jed answers: I have both. It's not even close. SF works better from the jump, and then RS just loses ground from there. The wax from RS rubs off on other cards, making them sticky and your RS gimmicked card less effective. I sometimes use RS to quickly mock up a proof of concept gimmick while I'm practicing routines with ratty old cards. It's effortless to apply the wax to a card and experiment with alternative handlings for your tricks. But for performances, SF takes it by a mile.
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      • Alan asks: How do you soften a dried up stick?

        • 1. James answers: Rub down an edge, and it will be less dry the deeper you go.
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      • Matthew B asks: He says "it leaves no residue" which makes me think I'm using the product wrong. It definitely leaves residue. What am I doing wrong? It's worth $5, but $15 feels like a lot for a cross between wax and hot glue.

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Best to contact with questions like this.
      • An-Mari asks: Hello I just received my RS can u tell me at which temperature should I keep it

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Room temperature should be fine.
      • Matthew asks: Hello. Is there any way to remove this once applied? What's the best/easiest method for removal? Thanks!

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it's difficult to remove it fully, we've found that if you rub it on a soft cloth (or even a close-up pad, it can remove a large portion of the tackiness.

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: For this type of question please contact
      • Stephen asks: I'm in Phoenix, AZ and it is currently the month of July, when it is often well over 100 degrees outside for most of the day. I am wondering if the Roughing Stick is made primarily or even partially of wax, as I am concerned it might melt from the heat. Should I wait until cooler temps before ordering this product?

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The stick would only melt in extreme heat. Make sure to store it in a cool location.
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      Customer reviews for Roughing Stick



      This product is great. I bought this product to repair a "Mental Photography" deck that was made using roughing fluid (the roughing was wearing off due to humidity in Texas). The Roughing Stick did a great job and my deck is now as good as new.

      I did accidentally rough the wrong side of one card, which caused a slight problem. I was able to wipe off the mistake by vigorously rubbing the card against a cloth napkin.



      just perfect nuff said



      This is a quality product, which performs exactly (and perhaps better) than expected. Very easy to use, which encourages experimentation, sometimes beyond standard applications. It's very inexpensive and will last a long time. If you're interested in this sort of thing and want quick results (no messy sprays and so on) I'd give this a very high recommendation.



      This works even better than roughing spray and is less complicated! And it lasts forever. Love it!!


      Pranav Harish

      Great product! You can apply this too more than just cards too! Really recommended.



      Easy to use, so many ways to use



      The best Roughing option there is.
      I have got all kind of Roughing materiel, include since friction that is very good, but this little stick does it all fast and great and work perfectly. The best part is that even if after some performance some of the card need another treatment, all you have to do is take the stick, push it one second on the card and all is great again. In other solution you have to spray again and wait till it dry in an open space. With the stick you just apply it and you good to go. Thank you for one of the greatest products in a very fair price that anyone can buy.



      Great product, easy to use. Was able to tighten up a deck easily. Well worth the money.



      Outstanding product! I was able to (a) resurrect a pair of decks for “Cosmic Connection” and (b) make a pair of new ones.



      I Know it's hard to get excited about a Roughing Stick but as work-horses go this is perfect!
      So much better than the spray and making me want to use rough & smooth cards again!



      The top choice is excellent, but this is really a twenty star item!

      I received mine and saved a worn out ID and a Mental Photography in literally under a minute.

      I am ordering four more; One for my close up kit and one for each of my other shows. I will also keep one in the car.

      If you are a pro, then just get this because it can be a complete show saver.

      The instructional video is direct, to the point, short and comprehensive.

      Think about it, you have that last minute call or situation where you have to perform "right now" and you have no equipment. You have had that happen or eventually you will and with this stick you will be able to stop at a convenience store and pick up a few decks of cards and you will have everything that you need and more.

      You will also be able to salvage older decks and save money. I wish that I had known about this a long time ago.

      This product is fantastic! This review is written by a full time professional.



      This is one of the best magic purchases I have made for the price. It's extremely convenient to use, especially compared to traditional roughing spray, and there are countless uses. I certainly recommend this.



      works great



      This is the best roughing option available for all the reasons previously mentioned. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is: you can adjust the amount of roughing by applying more or less of the stick according to your needs. Try doing that with the spray!
      Also, like other roughing methods, the "rough" will wear off over time if you use your deck all the time (like me), but touching up is sooo quick and easy.



      Roughing stick, a great product, great video demonstration on how to apply the stick in different ways for this to work, a bonus, there is no smell from the stick either.



      I've been using this rouging stick for many rough/smooth card applications for a long time now. I prefer this method in many cases. However the other day I made an interesting discovery. I wanted to do a miser's dream routine using some replica " antique pirate" coins but the edges were extremely smooth and slippery. I was not able to back palm these coins... so I tried a little of the roughing stick on the edges and it worked brilliantly. But... I also found that you can rub the stick on the edges of the fingers that need to back palm the coin - and it works just as good! It lasts a long while and is not too sticky for other things I need to do with my hands... I applied the rouging stick just under the second and fourth fingers. amazing!



      This is genius and can save you a lot of money on gimmicked decks. You can make your own brainwave and invisible decks out of just regular decks. I have also used it for a 3-card monte routine. The possibilities are endless on this.



      This product is highly recommended. You can use it to make your own rough and smooth decks such as Brainwave decks or invisible decks. That way, you can use your favourite decks instead of standard bicycle decks and, if you get through enough of those, the money you save not buying commercially produced gimmicked decks will quickly pay for the roughing stick. You could turn a Svengali deck sat in your drawer into a high quality mirage deck. The roughing stick is very quick and easy to use and avoids the mess and fumes of spray can methods. (On the video, there's even a demonstration of just how quickly an entire brainwave deck can be created 'on the fly' from a normal deck. Harry does it in just three minutes. The video of him doing this is in real time. Quite entertaining!) It would be interesting to know how the practical effectiveness of this substance compares with Science Friction [which is much more expensive and hard to obtain.] Unlike some rough and smooth products, the application of the roughing stick only needs to be on part of a playing card and, once applied, is pretty much invisible. I used this to create a simple packet trick in which the card backs change colour when you fan them (by roughing only the ends of the cards - different ends depending on the back colour and orientation.) The roughing stick is about the size of a smallish pencil eraser. I've hardly made a dent in it so I expect it to last me a very long time. It comes in an attractive hard shell box but I found the lid quite hard to remove because the box and lid are almost the same dimensions and the lid fits snugly. It's hard to get a grip on the lid and the box at the same time. I wish it had come in a bigger box because it is very easy to mislay this one! (When I've found it again, I am going to keep it in a little tin with a lid that came with some expensive soap.) I also intend to see how well it works on post cards ('Places' by Looch at Read My Mind Ltd.) I notice that Saturn Magic sell a different version of this product called Harry Robson Easy Roughing Stick. Their website states: 'Please note the item you are buying here is the original Harry Robson Easy Roughing Stick not the Vanishing Inc product which is a different item.' I am guessing that the Vanishing Inc. version represents the pinnacle of Harry's development of the substance alluded to in the ad copy and video. There is also a seller on eBay who sells cheap roughing sticks for making things like invisible decks. It would be very interesting to know how these variously priced products compare. However, I am very happy indeed with the Vanishing Inc version and I recommend it highly.



      Great product





      It's my first time using it and it's better than the liquid one. There's no smell.



      Roughing Stick is a great tool to make invisible, brainwave or any other decks/cards that depend on the rough and smooth principal. There are a lot of great effects that can be done with it, so it is a really nice investment (considering you are able to use it a lot)



      So much easier to use than roughing spray. Packs small, no mess, efficient, and lasts a lifetime.



      Gets the job done the way its supposed to. If you are torn between "which is better? Spray or stick"? The answer is both depending on your application, need and preference. But if you want to make up some quick gimmicks with little fuss, this is the way to do it.



      This is a wonderful product! I bought one just to try it out, as I was super skeptical. But it delivered in a huge way! I’m gonna pick up a few more just to have some extras around. It’s made making gimmicked decks and packet tricks a breeze. I love it!



      I bought this because my pre-made invisible deck got ruined when I spilled coffee on it! This seems to do exactly what it says it will do, and I fully expect to use it many times throughout the years! Great product.



      I am very happy with this purchase. The roughing stick definitely does its job. You have to play around with it a little to get just the right amount to get the cards to stick properly. This is especially the case if you are using different types of playing cards for your tricks.



      Harry boasts the ability to make an invisible or brainwave deck within 5 minutes because of this stick, if that was all this was good for it would be an incredible product, luckily it does far more than that. Without the inconvenience and smell of traditional roughing spray, you are able to do nearly any effect involving roughed cards or decks with this little block. You can reapply it to old cards, make gimmicked decks from scratch or invent your own routines with it, there are plenty of resources for roughed card effects out there.

      The only downside is that it is sometimes too effective, a roughed card will stick to a non roughed card on occassion, there aren't many effects I know of where this is a serious problem but for it I knock off a single star. Aside from that, as I've said it is an incredible tool that will last a lifetime of any gimmicked decks you want to create.



      The roughing stick works quite well. Maybe too well in some cases. A single roughed card will stick to a non-roughed card. If the roughed cards are always together (my application) then this is not an issue. You can feel some product on the card but I doubt that anyone would notice. You have to be looking for it. This is a quick, safe, and easy way to rough cards. I would recommend it.
      -Gary Berard



      I've used the sprays with excellent results but its a drag to set up a safe area to spray the cards, air it out and let the cards dry. It's nice being able to make a trick deck while watching TV and not having to worry about the fumes. And the cards can be tested out immediately and more added if any are lacking stickiness. It works well. I only wish it came with a bit more.



      A very nice addition to any card worker's toolset. Very practical and easy to apply. Would have enjoyed some additional ideas on application in specific tricks/routines aside from BW and ID, but understand that's not the point of this purchase. Overall, good value and would recommend.



      Great product. A tad smaller than I was expecting, but works well.

      Roughing Stick by Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner