Magic by Michael Murray

The Solution Book
The Solution
Book by Michael Murray - $26.95

"When I first heard about The Solution from Michael Murray, I knew I had to have it. The moment I heard the method, I knew it was GOLD and I needed to add it to my Show ASAP. The Solution is one of my favorite Rubik's Cube routines that has ever been created!!" Steven...

ATM Trick
Trick by Michael Murray - $29.95 NOW $14.97 (SAVE $14.98)

We are huge fans of Michael Murray's innovative approach and this booklet is an excellent example of his strong grasp on high-impact mentalism.ATM combines a very clever mix of principles and ideas which will allow you to seemingly determine a spectators exact PIN number. The spectator...

A Piece Of My Mind Book
A Piece Of My Mind
Book by Michael Murray - $99.95

Piece Of My Mind is collection of mentalism routines, discussions and principles by Michael Murray developed over a ten year period.  This book contains a combination of the following and more... Contents: Springboard (Principle and Routines) ATM...

Calculated Risk Book
Calculated Risk
Book by Michael Murray - $39.95 NOW $19.97 (SAVE $19.98)

We're thrilled to be able to bring you this collection of iPhone magic from the ingenious mind of British magician, Michael Murray. We have been consistently impressed with Michael's work and this latest book doesn't disappoint. Focusing on iPhone magic, the effects are current and...

Isolation by Michael Murray Book
Isolation by Michael Murray
Book by Michael Murray - $69.95

What is "Isolation"? Is "Isolation" a think of a card routine? "Isolation" is much more in depth than one routine. This book features a range of techniques and principles that allow you to identify a thought of card. You can adapt and customize the techniques inside to...

Springboard Book
Book by Michael Murray - $34.95

Springboard is a revolutionary new system for allowing your spectator to read minds Imagine for a moment that you are thinking of a card. The spectator creates a card in their mind, never mentioning any color, suit or value. Their choice is real. You name the card that you were thinking of and...

Between The Lines Trick
Between The Lines
Trick by Michael Murray - $26.26

It has long been said that the strongest effects are those which happen in the hands of the spectator, what if the effect could take place in the spectators mind? Between the Lines combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines...

Submodalities DVD
DVD by Michael Murray - $19.95

Filmed on location in a haunted building in the North of England, Submodalities is an unsettling journey into the inexplicable mysteries of ESP testing. Nine routines using ESP cards are documented across 90 minutes; routines ranging from the effortless and direct to the infinitely perplexing....

Seven Steel Horses - (BTL Force Book) Book
Seven Steel Horses - (BTL Force Book)
Book by Michael Murray - $34.95

After repeated requests Michael Murray is pleased to announce the release of the first "Between the Lines" book. This custom printed book contains 100 duplicate pages of the "Between the Lines" text. This will provide you with 100 authentic book pages which you can now give out as a...

Zodiacus Trick
Trick by Michael Murray - $16.25

Zodiacus was designed by Michael Murray to accompany David Sena and Pete Turners "Isabella's Star" effect along with its latest variations which were detailed in "Isabella's Star 2". At its heart this is simply a subtly marked set of number cards but in reality this is so much more... Housed in a...

The Right Choice Trick
The Right Choice
Trick by Michael Murray - $20.00

In an effort to demonstrate the way in which fate often intervenes with our life choices, the mentalist presents the spectator with a series of photographs. Each of these photographs depicts different choices, with differing levels of probability and thus impact upon our life. Even though the...

Tattle Tailed Trick
Tattle Tailed
Trick by Michael Murray - $29.95 NOW $14.97 (SAVE $14.98)

Possibly the strongest ESP effect ever! With nothing more than a ten in prepared ESP cards or business cards you are set to devastate your audience with this powerful and emotionally moving routine. Imagine having a husband and wife each mix a set of five ESP symbols only to find that they are in...

Naked ESP Accessory
Naked ESP
Accessory by Michael Murray - $33.75

MindFX is proud to announce the release of 'Naked ESP'. Realizing that my most favored ESP routines require little more than ten ESP cards, I set out to design a pocket friendlyset of ESP cards that would build upon the foundations of my original 'Beyond ESP' deck. What I created was an all new...