Trick by Michael Murray
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Trick by Michael Murray (39.95)

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An entertaining, multi-phase routine that culminates with the revelation of a thought-of card. Why settle for the standard 50/50 when 50/50 can instead become a one in 52.

"System" by Michael Murray is one of the most streamlined "think of a card" effects you'll ever find. The idea first surfaced in 2017 when Michael released what many to consider to be the "bible" of the "thought-of card plot". In the years since, magicians and mentalists have praised the concept but also requested a simpler alternative that didn't require intense memorization. "System" is that solution!

With the simple flip of a poker chip, your helper settles on one card from among the 52 possibilities in their mind. You can then reveal the card they are thinking of without any lengthy process.

  • Super direct
  • No complex fishing
  • No difficult memory work
  • No actual deck of cards needed
  • Works in any language (note: the poker chips are printed in English though)

Triple Threat

While the basic routine only requires a singular poker chip, when you combine it with the additional poker chips you receive, you can perform killer three-phase routine that will blow your audiences away.

Under the pretense of displaying your ability to read any opponent at a gaming table, you first divine the value of a poker chip concealed in their hand. Next you prove your ability to know if they are even thinking about lying.

After gaining an understanding of how your participant thinks, you now have them flip a singular poker chip whist your back is turned. The participant then uses the poker chip to create the value and suit of a playing card in their mind.

With nothing else spoken (the chip can be completely hidden from sight) you can immediately begin to reveal the card that they are thinking of and, in some instances, you can even go as far as to describe the exact thoughts that existed in the participants mind right before you hit them with the revelation.

"System" if a very fair and concise routine. It is not some complicated logic puzzle. It's simple for your audience to understand and everything makes total sense. You won't believe how easy it is to do and you'll even learn a prop-less version, as well as a way to reveal multiple cards by involving a second participant.

Comes with:

  • Three custom printed poker chips
  • Velvet draw string carrying pouch
  • Comprehensive video instruction

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