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Trick by Michael Murray
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Show Reel

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Trick by Michael Murray (29.95)

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Show Reel - magic
Show Reel Show Reel Show Reel

A complete sellout at Blackpool. "Show Reel" is now available worldwide!

"Show Reel" is a stunning mentalism effect from Michael Murray that allows you to reveal the name of a thought-of celebrity in one of the most direct ways possible. This is a true testament to Michael's creative genius. Many argue it might just be one of his best releases to date.

An EDC That Plays Huge

This effect is small enough to be carried in your wallet, making it an ideal EDC item for close-up magic performers. Yet, thanks to the included bonus stage handling, it also plays huge in your stage and parlor magic or mentalism shows.

Direct and Fair

The participant begins by merely thinking of any of the 25 famous movies that are printed upon the magazine page. They are further asked to think of any celebrity who has appeared in their chosen movie from a list of 30 different possibilities. The mentalist is then able to reveal the person whom they are thinking of in a super direct way.

More Than Meets the Eye.

Just when your participants think things are over, you have the added ability to include an additional series of reveals into the mix proving that the participants choice may not have been as free as they had initially imagined. Fans of influence style effects will adore the eye-popping reveals that have been cleverly woven into this effect.

Nearly Self-Working

There's essentially no memory work required to perform "Show Reel". In fact, the devious method makes this effect almost self-working. You'll be performance ready in no time.

Amplify Your Performance

Not only does Michael cover the full background story on how he devised this powerhouse effect, he also explores several different approaches to get into the effect (covering both casual and professional performing settings). He even goes further into the following:

  • How to get into the effect
  • Legitimizing the use of the page
  • Performing it entirely prop-less
  • Performing for multiple participants
  • How best to repeat the effect for the same audience
  • How to increase your participants reaction to the effect
  • How to use this in a one ahead fashion to reveal a completely imagined movie title
  • and a whole lot more!

What You Get

"Show Reel" comes complete with three custom printed pages. One for performance and two spares. This should last you many performances, but, if needed, additional replacements will be available in the future.


Customer reviews for Show Reel



Such a great EDC. I've never seen anything like this. The mentalism feels so real and fair. The instructions are very thorough and provide some many great ideas for stage, closeup, and parlour. I love it.



Absolutely fried a fellow Magi with this yesterday in a cafe. Had him think of an Actor/Actress and then told him exactly who he was thinking of without a single miss. No Forces and *Potentially* no misses are as strong as it can possibly be. Such a clever effect.



It's a little pricey for what you get, but I do feel it is a fair price as the creator needs to gain from his cleverness. I have performed it a few times at bars, and it gets solid reactions and tons of questions. It has torn already (in less than a couple weeks), and I simply taped it at the joint that tore. While this seems bad, it actually increases the credibility of the artifact as "just something I tore out of a magazine." I would recommend this for those who want to have a fairly straightforward mentalist trick.

VI Monthly


I love Show Reel! Well presented it packs a punch like Mike Tyson and for how much work has gone into creating the effect and how powerful it is, the method and presentation are quite simple and easy to do.

It’s a great addition to any EDC that you may have with you on any give day. I carry it right where I carry my prediction for the No Choice Wallet and it feel very natural to have it there (at least it works for me).

The only reason for a four start instead of five is because the vide explanation that comes with it. Michael does a good job of explaining the effect and how to perform it but it feels like a lot of talk and it’s a good half hour plus before you really get into the explanation. I would have love to see a real life performance right up front, then get on how to present it and the all of the rest of the talk.

But overall totally worth having!



It is a clever idea, but will ONLY work on people who know movies well. I took it to a couple of walk arounds and it couldn't work because no one had a clue about movies. Truthfully, I would've probably not known and I see a lot of movies. It didn't work out a single time. For me, if a trick doesn't work 100% of the time, I can't use it, especially at corporate gigs. This one failed me 100% of the times I tried it. Again, it's a clever idea and I get it, and they do talk about getting people who know movies, so this might be good for just using at my own family gatherings, but nothing else.


Community questions about Show Reel

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  • Barbara asks: Is it the same every time? Not looking for methods, just wondering if it will work with an existing routine.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The tutorial explains how you can repeat the effect for the same audience, the outcome can vary
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