The Solution

Book by Michael Murray
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The Solution

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Book by Michael Murray (26.95)

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The Solution - magic
The Solution The Solution The Solution The Solution The Solution The Solution

"When I first heard about The Solution from Michael Murray, I knew I had to have it. The moment I heard the method, I knew it was GOLD and I needed to add it to my Show ASAP. The Solution is one of my favorite Rubik's Cube routines that has ever been created!!" Steven Brundage

"Michael Murray's Solution is one of the best things I have ever seen. The scripting is pure poetry and the revelation is staggering! When he shared with me the workings, I was grinning from ear to ear!" Peter Turner

The Solution is the very first 'Spectator Rubik Solve' effect ever to be released. Imagine handing a spectator a mixed-up cube behind their back and seemingly giving them the ability to solve it.

Couple this with a transformationally engaging presentation and you have an incredibly astonishing effect that will be remembered by your audiences for a very long time.

  • Easy to learn
  • Requires one regular cube (not supplied)
  • Instructional video links included
  • No prior cube solving ability is required
  • Suitable for magicians and mentalists

"The Solution is an incredible effect with a diabolically clever yet simple method that is perfect as a stand-alone piece or an addition to just about any Rubik's Cube routine." Karl Hein

"More Murray brilliance. Perfect scripting, invisible method, and staggering revelation. I guess you could say I like it!!" Mark Elsdon

"It's one of those where you read it and think 'why didn't I think of that?'. Then when you take the time to appreciate the power and subtlety of the scripting, you realize that only Michael Murray could've come up with this. Thank you for my new closer!" Roddy McGhie

"If you want a five-star Miracle for the pro, you can do no better. I love it, it's magic, a wonder and even with a twist, real mentalism." Marc Salem

"The Solution is GOLD to the working pro..." Marc Spelmann

"This is good, VERY good, this man is a genius!" Lior Manor

"You sneaky b@$****! Damn, this is great." Joshua Quinn

"I love it!!! You are a genius, my friend." Haim Goldenberg

Note: TV performance rights for this effect are reserved. Please email MINDFX for further information. And it's not even a SansMinds product!


Customer reviews for The Solution



Having now performed this several times in different settings, I can confidently offer three 'DOs' and three 'DON'Ts'.

The DOs: Do be prepared to learn to solve the cube in the conventional way. Although that should not be required for the performance, you may need to, and, in practising the effect you almost certainly will have to. Do be prepared to work from your script. Choice of language management is essential, but not difficult. My instructions to the participant are not identical to Michael Murray's but reflect the principle he explains so well. Do expect to get instructions that bear Michael Murray's usual clarity and conciseness - no waffle, everything is on point.

The DON'Ts: Don't be concerned by the DR. Believe me, the participant is as stunned by the outcome as the rest of the audience. Don't be disappointed by the shortness of the written instructions. Everything you need to know is amply explained in the booklet and the videos.
And finally, if you're interested in mentalism and want to use a prop. that is inherently innocent and colourful - DON'T hesitate: buy The Solution



This is the best spectator rubiks solve that I know. There is a very small amount of DR but the spectator is still completely fooled. If you don’t like DR, you should still buy this because I found a way to do this in 1 on 1. A great effect overall



I prefer cube effects with regular, un-gimmiked speed cubes. This certainly qualifies for that. It should be noted that while this is a book, Michael has a link to several videos on his website to learn the move, which is easy to do, in addition a false shuffle, plus a 30 minute video of cube talk where he talks about the effect and why he came up with it.

The presentation and wording are important, the setup and solve are surprisingly simple, the book itself is very attractive with a glossy cover, but is only about 14 pages total, about 10 short pages of content, but it is not complicated and he does have videos to supplement.

It is a pretty cool effect and you do see Steven Brundage as he did it on the Today show. Well worth the price. A very nice addition to my cube magic, thank you Michael...



This is a great effect using a regular Rubik’s cube.

The book is well written, and Michael Murray also provides video links to help with the various aspects.

There is an element of DR, but it’s fine in the right way leaving your participant as amazed as the rest of the audience.

I’ve knocked a star off as the TV rights are not included, which is a bug bear of mine - Murray’s not the only one to do this, but that’s not an excuse. If you buy an effect, you should be able to perform it anywhere.

Despite that, this is a brilliant booklet, and one for anyone interested in cube magic.


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