Basic Coin Purse

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Accessory by TCC Playing Card Co. ($8.98)

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Basic Coin Purse - magic

You can stop searching. This is the coin purse you've been looking for!

Ready to make a statement right out of the box, this tasteful addition to your ensemble is soft, lined with leather, and has a brass mouth and hinges. The interior material is soft and supple to prevent coins from talking, and it is just the right size for dollar and half-dollar coins.

Start using props that exude the class and sophistication of the magic to come and get your Basic Coin Purse now!

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David Neighbors

I just got one of these! And i was interested In seeing If You could Do a kick move under it With 2 coins In the Coin purse. You can ( you need to push the 2 coin up to the Frame side) I have been using coin purses For A little over 40 years! And for Half's This works nicely ! :)