Basic Coin Purse

8.98 usd

Accessory by TCC Playing Card Co. ($8.98)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Basic Coin Purse - magic

You can stop searching. This is the coin purse you've been looking for!

Ready to make a statement right out of the box, this tasteful addition to your ensemble is soft, lined with leather, and has a brass mouth and hinges. The interior material is soft and supple to prevent coins from talking, and it is just the right size for dollar and half-dollar coins.

Start using props that exude the class and sophistication of the magic to come and get your Basic Coin Purse now!


Customer reviews for Basic Coin Purse

David Neighbors

I just got one of these! And i was interested In seeing If You could Do a kick move under it With 2 coins In the Coin purse. You can ( you need to push the 2 coin up to the Frame side) I have been using coin purses For A little over 40 years! And for Half's This works nicely ! :)