World Tour Set

Accessory by Joshua Jay
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World Tour Set

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Accessory by Joshua Jay ($100.00)

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World Tour Set - magic

The World Tour Deck Set is a presentation "trunk" of five bespoke packs of playing cards, each highlighting a different country and culture from the turn of the last century. The World Tour Deck Set is housed in a miniature travel trunk, replete with decals from the far-off places the cards have traveled to, to be in your collection. 

The set comes with all five decks of cards in the series, and when all five decks are lined up, they create a map of the world highlighting the five featured countries: France, Switzerland, Mongolia, China, and Egypt. 

But the World Tour Deck Set is more than just a trunk of playing cards: it's a story. The Great Ezra, a turn-of-the-century magician, traveled the globe and sent these decks back to you, each one with a note. All the ephemera: handwritten notes written on railcar stationary, coasters, tickets, and hotel paper...are included, to help immerse you in the spirit of the turn of the century, and how Ezra might have obtained each special deck.

The decks themselves are gorgeous, with iconography and hidden elements from the countries, culture, and time they come from. All printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, the cards have a durable, smooth finish ideal for shift work, gambling material, and sleights. Each deck has an extremely limited run of 1500 decks, and no more World Tour Deck Sets will ever be printed. 

About the Decks:
Mongolia: This is everyone's favorite design. Modelled after a "Peace" symbol we located on a piece of antique Mongolian furniture, this deck's simplicity and color palette have made it a favorite amongst col

lectors, and the most requested back design Vanishing Inc. have ever created.

Egypt: This back design is understated and two-color, with appearances by camels and the great pyramids. It is quite similar to card designs one would see on caravan rides that transported the earliest Egyptologists from Cairo to the Valley of the Kings. 

Switzerland: Inspired by the iconic travel posters around 1902, this retro-back design advertises the Swiss alps, in saturated colors and bold text, alluring the beholder to explore the treacherous but beautiful scenery Switzerland offers.

China: This unusual deck boasts a back design that isn't a design at all. Instead, when all the cards are arranged in new deck order, in a grid, they create a mosaic of the Chinese character for Mystery. 

France: The box is the main feature on this deck, with silver foil and a classic art deco design. The cards have a simple floral pattern that is neither flashy nor boring, but would blend in the sort of turn-of-the-century cafe magicians and card players would patronize during the period.

Decks also available separately. Each set includes an 5 decks of cards, a compass in a gorgeous wooden housing, a number of ephemera items and a carrying trunk.


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BGG Reviewer

The World Tour Set of playing cards is a lavish collection of five decks that celebrate exotic places around the world. If you are prepared to drop a wad of cash to get the official and complete World Tour Deck Set, you'll even get a miniature travel trunk which houses all five decks. It's a lovely piece of creativity that enhances the thematic concept behind this collection of decks, and even comes with some separate decals corresponding to the exotic lands that these cards have visited on their way to reach you, the collector.

These decks aren't just a set of playing cards, but they tell a story. The premise behind them is that Ezra the Great is travelling the world, performing his show in 1902. Along the way, Ezra buys decks of cards, which he sends to us. So the suitcase which holds the five decks also includes a compass, plus reproduction letters from 1902 that commemorate where each deck came from. Apparently the collectible pieces that are part of this set were manufactured all over the world, to help give it an authentic international flavour.

Each of the five decks corresponds to a different country: France, Switzerland, Mongolia, China, and Egypt. Each deck is also available individually, and has been cleverly crafted with artwork and a design that reflects different elements of the lands, cultures, and time period that they come from. One nice thing about all five decks is that when you place them alongside each other, they create a map of the world which includes all the above-mentioned countries.

I'm very impressed with the World Tour Set from Vanishing Inc Magic. It's hard to pick a favourite deck, although I find myself particularly drawn to the Egypt deck, due to its colours, patterned card backs, and Egyptian themed court cards. The France deck is a close second, due to its unique beauty and appeal. The China deck stands out as a rather unusual entry in the series, especially since its back designs make it mostly unsuitable for use in playing card games or performing card magic, so it seems more geared as a novelty item for the collector. In contrast, the Mongolia deck has a much more standard look, and along with the France deck is probably one of the ones that is the most ideal for practical use; although the Egypt and Switzerland decks have their unique beauty and appeal as well.

After the success of their stylish Dapper decks, with their World Tour decks the team at Vanishing Inc Magic has contributed another classy product to the playing card industry, and I look forward to see what they come up with next! - BGG reviewer EndersGame