Trick by ASTONISHING MAGIC - $9.95 $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

A stupendous mathematical calculation by magic! You first explain the idea behind Fibonacci calculations and provide some examples. Then, you astound...

Super Soft Wool Rope 25' (No Core) Trick
Super Soft Wool Rope 25' (No Core)
Trick by ASTONISHING MAGIC - $12.00

Super soft, extra white. It cuts softer than butter, as it's made of woolen yarn, and braided without a core. Perfect for all cut and restored...

Lasso Rope Trick
Lasso Rope
Trick by ASTONISHING MAGIC - $10.00 $7.60 (SAVE $2.40)

A chosen card is replaced into the deck which is shuffled and dropped into a box. A rope approximately 36" long, having tassels at either end, is...

Eternal Rings Trick
Eternal Rings
Trick by ASTONISHING MAGIC - $15.00

Here's a beautiful visual effect with 7 Rainbow Color Ropes. Magically, individual loops of rope, each of a different color (Violet, Indigo, Blue,...

Linking Rope Loops Trick
Linking Rope Loops
Trick by ASTONISHING MAGIC - $15.00

Magician shows three different colored ropes (Red, Blue & Green) and calls two spectators onto the stage. He gives each a color rope of his...

Sam's Super Ropes Trick
Sam's Super Ropes
Trick by ASTONISHING MAGIC - $12.00

Three great rope effects that will astound your audience! Any one of these effects with these Multicolor Ropes would be a good buy at this...