Magic by Alan Sands

Belly Strippers Trick
Belly Strippers
Trick by Alan Sands - $55.00

Belly Strippers are THE ideal way to use stripper decks. Instead of being shaved across the ends of the cards, they are shaved in the MIDDLE of the sides. This is far more deceptive, and VERY hard to find in the commercial market. They were historically made by sanding the decks by hand with...

Out of This World Trick
Out of This World
Trick by Alan Sands - $30.00

What an amazing idea this is to use a stripper deck for a classic of magic. It allows you to perform it in SUCH a clean way. And, on top of it all, you'll be delighted with the quality of this stripper deck. Perform the classic effect, Out of This World, created by Paul Curry, using a...

Extra SandSational Perception Trick
Extra SandSational Perception
Trick by Alan Sands - $30.00

We are delighted to introduce these special decks of cards from George Sands. They are beautifully made and they do all kinds of fun things. They will allow you to: These Memorize a shuffled deck of cards Recite the entire deck, or any part of it, by "ESP" Magically name...