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Ultimate Wild Card Trick
Ultimate Wild Card
Trick by Arteco Productions - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Even if the basic effect remains the same, Jean-Pierre has revisited one of the most classic small pack of cards effect: The Wild Card, aka in French: Ultimate Cartes Folles...This can easily become one of your classic effects to perform...Effect: One by One, 8 identical cards transform into...

Industry DVD
DVD by Arteco Productions - $37.65 $28.61 (SAVE $9.04)

The Effect: The DVD/book of a spectator is taken and examined carefully.It's shown to anyone, and the magician doesn't touch it anymore. A random card is selected by the spectator: Queen of heart. The magician grabs the DVD and brings all the attention on the barcode, more particulary on its number...

Red Button Trick
Red Button
Trick by Arteco Productions - $37.67 $28.63 (SAVE $9.04)

We are glad to introduce you the first trick of Laurent Mikelfield.The Effect:Take a knife from your pocket and cut one button of your shirt. Take some buttons of different colors and ask your spectator to choose one of the buttons. You take the chosen button and wrap it using flash paper. Take a...