Magic by Charles W. Cameron

Handbook of Horror Book
Handbook of Horror
Book by Charles W. Cameron - $14.95 NOW $11.36 (SAVE $3.59)

Handbook of Horror contains 12 Bizarre Magick effects, most of which can be performed with very little skill. Nevertheless, they pack a HUGE punch. Charles Cameron also includes Bizarre Magick and stories for those who would like to create a theatrical séance. Some of the effects include: Burn...

Devil's Diary Book
Devil's Diary
Book by Charles W. Cameron - $24.95 NOW $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

Looking for something different in Mentalism?Look no further than Charles W. Cameron's Devil's Diary. These plots are wide-ranging examples of rare Bizarre Magic & Mentalism. Very few remain, so get your brain moving in new directions and get one now!