Magic by Eduardo Kozuch

Astrological Sign Trick
Astrological Sign
Trick by Eduardo Kozuch - $25.00

Astrological Sign by Eduardo Kozuch is an ingenious new way of revealing the astrological sign and day of birth of anyone in seconds; perfect for walkaround and table-hopping magicians. You hand your spectator a small book containing astrological signs and ask them to find their sign...

Lucky Shot Trick
Lucky Shot
Trick by Eduardo Kozuch - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

EffectThree spectators each choose a card. The magician,by means of telepathy, tries to guess what each card is. He asks each participant to raise their hand as they hear the magician calling the card chosen by them.The magician names three cards, but unfortunately none of the spectators raised...