Magic by Illusioncraft - Adam Topham

Factory Packed Trick
Factory Packed
Trick by Illusioncraft - Adam Topham - $60.00 NOW $45.60 (SAVE $14.40)

EffectA selected card is folded into quarters and wrapped in tissue paper - this is then set on fire. When the flames clear, the chosen card has vanished only to reappear in an unopened packet of crisps held by a spectator the whole time! - Uses a regular Bicycle Deck- Sets Up in Moments- Totally...

Bling Trick
Trick by Illusioncraft - Adam Topham - $50.00 NOW $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

The world's most expensive card trick!! EffectYour spectator selects a card, and then places the cards back into the box, you then explain that you are going to find their card in a unique way, by using a woman's best friend diamonds! You place your black handkerchief into your hand and the...