Magic by Jason Palter

Space Between DVD
Space Between
DVD by Jason Palter - $50.00

Possess the power to predict the space between any two objects!There are MANY performance possibilities.Here is the BARE-BONES EFFECT:Some can move things with their minds. Some can read a person's thoughts. But you have a very strange and obscure power. You can predict the space between two...

Psionic Trick
Trick by Jason Palter - $30.00

THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF A THOUGHT Get ready for a blister trick that is unlike any other on the market; the advantage of "Psionic" is that ESP symbols are used in this version. By utilizing these shapes, you are able to easily establish a very plausible psychic connection with your spectator,...

Kings Crossing DVD
Kings Crossing
DVD by Jason Palter and Nicolas Gignac - $60.00

Kings Crossing is "Cards Across" on steroids: Jumbo cards. No sleight-of-hand. No palming. No false counts. Absolutely clean!!! The routine possibilities for "Kings Crossing" are limitless. This is a no-nonsense and literally self-working version of the classic effect, and allows you to concentrate...

iKnow DVD
DVD by Jason Palter - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

"With iKnow, you instantly divine a song the spectator has randomly chosen from your iPod or MP3 player! An incredible, impromptu trick that is ready to do-anytime!" EffectA spectator is invited to listen to as many songs as they'd like from your favorite playlist (a folder that contains a...