Magic by Joshua Messado

Messado Rings DVD DVD
Messado Rings DVD
DVD by Joshua Messado - $39.95

When it comes to teaching, Messado holds nothing back. Even if you’ve never touched a key ring in your life, Messado will have you performing like a master in just a few hours. He teaches his full routine - from start to finish, from the most basic single link through to his wrap-up flourish...

Messado Rings (Carbon Black) Accessory
Messado Rings (Carbon Black)
Accessory by Joshua Messado - $44.95

Built to Joshua Messado’s exact specifications, Ellusionist went through over a dozen prototypes until the seamless, carbon-black rings were in his words ‘just perfect’. The Messado Rings are unlike any other rings you’ve seen - they have a larger gauge, but smaller circumference than other...