Magic by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka

Vegemental Trick
Trick by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka - $14.95 NOW $11.36 (SAVE $3.59)

A perplexing piece of close-up mental magic. Six cards from a children's word game are used; each has a picture of a different fruit or vegetable. While the performer is turned a way, the participant mixes the cards, then chooses one of the items at random, and silently spells its name in order to...

Tonte Trick
Trick by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka - $24.00 NOW $18.24 (SAVE $5.76)

The classic Game of "3-Card Monte" with Jumbo cards and many surprises! Three cards are shown: two black tens, and a queen of hearts. The spectator is asked to "find the lady," but that's not possible, for now the performer holds three black tens- the queen is found inside the magician's pocket!The...

Procket Trick
Trick by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka - $16.00 NOW $12.16 (SAVE $3.84)

EffectThis is a quick packet routine involving four picture cards. One shows a rocket ship; it's dealt to the table. The others bear the numerals for a countdown, and the cards are dealt as the performer calls out, "Three, two, one... blast off!!" With this final exclamation, the initial card is...

Mo Monte Trick
Mo Monte
Trick by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka - $14.95 NOW $11.36 (SAVE $3.59)

At the start of the routine, the performer begins by asking the audience if they're familiar with the game of Three-Card Monte. Admitting that the game is rigged, the performer offers to explain it. What follows is a roller coaster ride that the audience cannot conceivably follow, and they are left...

Midori Trick
Trick by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka - $18.00 NOW $13.68 (SAVE $4.32)

The performer brings out a small object concealed in his hand. This is given to a participant to hold in his or her left hand, without the person viewing it. The performer comments, "Although you can't see it, you can feel that it's a plastic chip, perhaps for some sort of game like Poker. Well,...

Four Face Assembly Trick
Four Face Assembly
Trick by Magic Land - Ton Onosaka - $18.00 NOW $13.68 (SAVE $4.32)

The magician proudly presents an innovative version of a classic of card magic: the Four Ace Assembly. What makes it so new and different? Instead of aces, it's done with queens. Okay, okay... That's not a big change. But it really is something new. The queen of spades is set aside, face down. The...