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Astonishing Bottle Trick (pre-order)
Astonishing Bottle
Trick (pre-order) by Magic Without Limits - $79.95

A bottle of orange juice (or any other small soda bottle) is put into a paper bag and then transforms itself into a full 1.5 liter bottle of Coke. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the bag is shown empty and torn into little pieces – and it’s all done without latex! Sound impossible? Check out the...

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Mind Fusion Trick
Mind Fusion
Trick by Magic Without Limits - $999.99

Lynx Magic brings you Mind Fusion, an extraordinary tool specially designed for magicians and mentalists, that allows different and versatile illusions only limited by the imagination of the user. Mind Fusion enables you to know when and which object is picked by the spectator from any...

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Rejoined refill Refill
Rejoined refill
Refill by Magic Without Limits - $24.95

Fifty extra gimmick cards for Rejoined. Instructions are not included.

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