Magic by Mago Larry

The Larry Lock Trick
The Larry Lock
Trick by Mago Larry - $120.00

Gimmicked padlocks are a staple for many a mentalist. However, The Larry Lock from Mago Larry is one of the best available on the market and certainly one of the best in terms of value for money. Expertly made and familiar looking, this specially engineered padlock will allow you to perform a...

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The Larry Peek Wallet Trick
The Larry Peek Wallet
Trick by Mago Larry - $40.00

The fastest peek wallet on the market! The Larry Peek Wallet is set to be your new go-to mentalism tool whenever you need to collect information on the sly! No more fumbling or awkward handling, this peek wallet is ready to go and easy to use! "The Larry Peek Wallet is, like all of his...

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Larry's Bag Trick
Larry's Bag
Trick by Mago Larry - $45.00

You show an empty bag to your spectator and they confirm that it is indeed empty. Now you ask your spectator to fill the bag with pieces of torn up cards that are laid out on a table next to an envelope. You shake up the bag and let the spectator shake up the bag. Next you ask the spectator to...

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