Magic by Martin Breese

REFILL for Market Update Trick
REFILL for Market Update
Trick by Martin Breese - $37.50

These are REFILL inserts for Martin Breese's Market Update Trick. 

Al Koran The Unique Years Book
Al Koran The Unique Years
Book by Martin Breese - $47.00

Al Koran was best known for his mentalism, but he did so much more. In this book you will discover that as you peruse all of Al Koran's magazine articles from the Magic Wand, the Gen, the Wizard and Pentagram as well as nearly every commercial effect Al released via the Unique Magic Studio in...

The Phantom of the Wallet Trick
The Phantom of the Wallet
Trick by Peter Duffie and Martin Breese - $30.00

"The minute I saw Phantom of the Wallet I purchased one. What a simply clever solution for Signed Card to Wallet!"- David RegalA spectator selects a card, signs his name on it, after which the card is lost back in the deck. He is shown two blank cards. These, you state, are special printing plates...

Breese Double Reel Trick
Breese Double Reel
Trick by Martin Breese - $75.00

I managed to persuade the guy who used to make these reels for Harry Stanley to produce one more run for me. And as he is such a lazy guy by the time all these have sold out he probably won't want to make any more ever again. All the fuss and bother and how long they took and how many cups of tea...