Magic by Martin Schwartx

Dr. Schwartz's Fantasy Rising Card Trick
Dr. Schwartz's Fantasy Rising Card
Trick by Martin Schwartx - $95.00

Fantasize about the perfect Rising Card effect and it might go something like this. From ANY PACK, two or three cards are freely selected and initialed. The cards are then put back into the deck and the deck is placed back into the card box. The box is then put on a wooden stand....

Rising Card Miracle Trick
Rising Card Miracle
Trick by Martin Schwartx - $95.00

Have you ever wished to do the Rising Card effect while the deck is in the spectator's hand? Now you can! Effect: Three freely selected cards rise from the deck while the deck is held in the spectator's hand! The gimmick consists of a special miniature motor concealed in the deck. Unique to this...

Dr. Schwartz's Cobra Deck Trick
Dr. Schwartz's Cobra Deck
Trick by Martin Schwartx - $250.00

Good news! Dr. Martin Schwartz is once again making his famous Cobra Deck! The most wonderful version of the Haunted Pack ever! Have a card selected from a Bicycle poker-size deck. No force. The card can even be signed. The spectator returns the card to the deck. You square up the pack and set...