Magic by Nimble Mind

BH Sandwich DVD
BH Sandwich
DVD by Nimble Mind - $24.95

This DVD is Korean Close-up magician ByeongHun Yu's sandwich magic.2 routines, 3 original double sandwich routines.Total of 5 powerful routines!!And you can also learn a new technique named "Sliding Door Change"To perform these powerful routines you only need your own hands and one normal...

Jumping J Trick
Jumping J
Trick by Nimble Mind - $19.95

Looking for fun and powerful card magic that's easy to do? Then Jumping J is the trick for you!In this routine from BH and Nimble Mind, a full-size Joker shrinks and then disappears into the pack, looking for a spectators selection. However, despite popping out from the deck, it ends up permanently...

The Skirt DVD
The Skirt
DVD by Nimble Mind - $22.95

A brand-new card move that will make vanishes, transpositions and more possible! Welcome to The Skirt!With The Skirt, a face-up card vanishes from a fan with the slightest of waves, with gimmicked and ungimmicked versions, and you can learn how to use this sleight for five incredible...