Magic by O'Grady Creations

The Whistle Blower Accessory
The Whistle Blower
Accessory by O'Grady Creations - $35.00

Long awaited to the Modern Practical Joke Range is The Whistle Blower by O'Grady Creations. After the ongoing success of his Divers Lung Tester®, Jordan O'Grady has managed to redesign the workings of his bespoke prank prop and hide them in what appears to be an everyday survival...

Balloonatic - The Smaller Divers Lung Tester Trick
Balloonatic - The Smaller Divers Lung Tester
Trick by O'Grady Creations - $145.00

The latest addition to the Pranking Line from O'Grady Creations! Balloonatic has been in development since 2016, based off the highly desirable and popular prank product: The Divers Lung Tester. Balloonatic is a streamlined version of its predecessor, with less moving parts, whilst maintaining its...