Magic by Roger Klause

In Concert DVD
In Concert
DVD by Roger Klause - $34.95

Roger Klause is one of magic's most respected performers and instructors. He has long been referred to as an "underground magician" due to the secretiveness of his methods. This DVD features highlights from his best selling book, "Roger Klause In Concert," giving you an opportunity to experience...

Encore Performance DVD
Encore Performance
DVD by Roger Klause - $34.95

After the initial success of Roger Klause's In Concert program he agreed to release more of his favorite routines and techniques. Once again his attention to detail will walk you through some well thought-out and constructed routines that you can incorporate into your performances. This is your...

Greater Magic Video Library 27 - Richard Ross DVD
Greater Magic Video Library 27 - Richard Ross
DVD by Roger Klause - $29.95

"To the audience, magic is an illusion. To the performer, magic is a reality." - Richard RossWitness the spellbinding stage magic of the world's only three-time FISM winner. He needs no bravado to mesmerize spectators. His cool elegance and exacting skill enchant thousands who see him yearly.To...

Greater Magic Video Volume 11 - Roger Klause Volume1 DVD
Greater Magic Video Volume 11 - Roger Klause Volume1
DVD by Roger Klause - $29.95

"I'm happy to share MY BEST professional routines with my friends in magic." - Roger KlauseLong acknowledged as a leader of the close-up underground, Roger performs outstanding "pure magic" for the sleight-of-hand aficionado. His patience and devout studies have not only earned him the respected...

Roger Klause In Concert Book
Roger Klause In Concert
Book by Lance Pierce and Roger Klause - $39.95 NOW $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

This book present the routines and concepts of Roger Klause, noted performer and teacher, with clarity and detail. With special attention paid to the construction and principles of magic, Roger can show you how to raise your level of performance and further your craft. Within these pages are...