Magic by SUN

Sun Smoke Pro Accessory
Sun Smoke Pro
Accessory by SUN - $175.00 $133.00 (SAVE $42.00)

Create smoke to enhance that magical moment! Sun's products are focused on quality and practicality. Sun Smoke Pro: Normal version: You can palm this or attach onto other tools that you already use. And you can operate this using a remote control or pressing a button on the product. Size 40 x 27.5...

S-Ray Trick
Trick by JL Magic and SUN - $499.00

With permission from Dan Birch, S-Ray is a brand new, updated version of his famous Neon Through Balloon! This new version includes upgrades and options never before offered. First, the light saber is ULTRA BRIGHT. It looks amazing and can be seen from the back of any theater. You also have the...

Sun Smoke with Vanisher Accessory
Sun Smoke with Vanisher
Accessory by SUN - $199.95 $151.96 (SAVE $47.99)

Now, anyone can show off a magical Silk to Smoke effect by pressing one button on the Smoke Vanisher. Also, there is much versatility programmed into this device for your every performing need! You can choose vanisher mode (no smoke), or vanish + smoke mode, using a mode switch....