Magic by Tony Green

Puppets with Punch Book
Puppets with Punch
Book by Tony Green - $20.00

A case study of successful Punch and Judy routines, Puppets with Punch by Tony Green deserves to be in the library of aspiring and expert puppeteers alike. Some of the topics in this book include: The Honey Bee, Witchy Whoops, Lollipops, Sammy Seal, The Chinese Magician, plus many other...

Professional Punch Book
Professional Punch
Book by Tony Green - $20.00

If you do any puppet work in your shows, then it always pays to check out the classic texts, like Professional Punch. This volume was written by Tony Green, who not only performed with the classic Punch & Judy puppets, but made them as well. It its pages, you'll find a wealth of puppet material...