Harapan Ong: Masterclass: Live

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Live lecture by Harapan Ong ($75.00)

We're proud to announce Harapan Ong will join us for a Masterclass Live FILLED with new and unpublished material. Since the publication of his smash debut Principia, Harapan has been at the cusp of cutting edge card magic. He has a balanced mix of technically demanding magic and really simple, deceptive card magic. Whether you're an advanced student or just finding your place in the card magic landscape, this will be a fascinating dive into one of magic's most creative minds. Harapan is a skilled teacher, and will share insights into his technique and also his approach to construction. Each lesson will be PACKED with visual and amazing card magic.

Week One: (June 6th 2021) - The Zarrow Shuffle

  • Zarrow Shuffle – Tips and Advice
  • Zarrow Shuffle – Exploration and Applications
    • Full Deck False Shuffle
    • Triumph Shuffle
    • Active Tabled Cover Pass
    • Simple Cut
    • Slip Cut
    • Setting up the Deck
    • Simple Sandwich
  • Trick 1: Lockdown Triumph
  • Trick 2: Fully Suited

Week Two: (June 13th 2021) - The Double Faced Card

  • The Mexican Turnover
    • Trick 1: Daley Express
    • Trick 2: Punchback
  • Imbalanced Transpositions
    • Trick 3: Centre of Attention
    • Trick 4: Forgetful Collectors

Week Three: (June 20th 2021) - Theoretical Concepts

  • Theory 1: Techniques for Problem Solving
    • Chunking
    • Pattern recognition
      • Trick 1: Plot Twist
      • Trick 2: No Bread Sandwich
    • Stepping Stones
    • Retrograde Analysis
      • Trick 3: Wake Up Sheeple
  • Theory 2: Rule of Four
    • The "Four Act Structure" (commonplace in Asian storytelling, known as Kishotenketsu)
      • Trick 4: Topsy Turvy Aces
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