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Live lecture by Paul Brook
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Paul Brook Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Paul Brook ($7.95)

Paul Brook. Need we say more?

If you haven't heard of him, seriously, get out from under that rock! Many consider him to be among the most creative modern mentalists in the world. And he's ready to teach you some of his pet effects, including some from his high-paying trade show. Learn how to promote yourself with business cards while using multiple methods to deceive. He'll also help awaken your creativity and customize your magic to fit your performing style.

Not enough? You'll also learn:

Copenhagen Cover-Up - With only business cards and a pen, take a spectator on an around-the-world journey - only you both end up at the same place.

Sheltered Drawing Duplication - A spectator creates a mental image that you replicate using just one business card and a pen.

Any Word on Any Object - Transform anything with words into a powerful word test! With nothing written down, it can be played directly as mind reading. An excellent intro into a book test.

Doing Business - The best way to exchange a business card with a potential client, and maybe the best rationale for using a peek wallet. Powerful networking and marketing potential.

Business Trader - Hand out your business card to an entire group. Without looking, have one of them exchange their card for yours. Have the spectators swap the cards amongst each other randomly before you identify who has your cards and who has the other person's card.

Choose Me - Influence a person to pick a "Choose Me" card from among six blank business cards. Works almost every time on the first choice, and if not, definitely the second.

3 Form Thought - Predict a mentally selected image with just a business card and a pen.

The Power of Multiple Methods - Learn Paul's three-phase book test. This is an mentalists course on using different methods to flabbergast an audience.

Don't miss this one! Mentalists and magicians alike can't help but learn something valuable! Download now!


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