Magic by Paul Brook

At The Table - September 2017 Live lecture
At The Table - September 2017
Live lecture by Chris Congreave and Paul Brook - $9.95

This month, it's a British invasion when two amazing UK based magicians join us for our At The Table Lecture series! Haven't heard of Chris Congreave? You won't forget him after this At The Table lecture! Ready for his first ever At The Table Lecture, Chris is ready to share some of...

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Paul Brook Live Lecture  Live lecture
Paul Brook Live Lecture
Live lecture by Paul Brook - $7.95
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Paul Brook. Need we say more? If you haven't heard of him, seriously, get out from under that rock! Many consider him to be among the most creative modern mentalists in the world. And he's ready to teach you some of his pet effects, including some from his high-paying trade show....

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Locked In Thought Trick
Locked In Thought
Trick by Paul Brook - $64.95

A simple padlock is removed from your key chain; it is the kind that is so often used for gym lockers or traveling. It can be fully inspected and even a master locksmith would not find any 'foul play'. Yet, you are able to perform amazing feats with this 'invisible' prop. A...

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NetWorker Deck Trick
NetWorker Deck
Trick by Paul Brook - $40.00

Imagine having a collection of business cards that were all different and that would allow you to force any sort of information you want. Now, imagine being able to follow-up that force with any one of these optional effects; a famous name revelation, another drawing duplication, direct...

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Loyalty Trick
Trick by Paul Brook - $29.99

Ask a participant to think of an image, a number and even a word and you are able to correctly determine exactly what they are thinking of. Additionally, you may want to pass on your mind reading abilities by giving another person the chance to guess the first participant's number and more...

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Cool Beans Trick
Cool Beans
Trick by Paul Brook - $30.00

Cool Beans is a set of five seemingly real coffee shop stamp cards and a special hidden crib card that will have you performing this effect right out of the box. With these cards, you will be able to have a participant select any card and tell the person which card has been selected....

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