Locked In Thought

Trick by Paul Brook
$64.95 Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Locked In Thought

64.95 usd

Trick by Paul Brook ($64.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Locked In Thought - magic
Locked In Thought Locked In Thought

A simple padlock is removed from your key chain; it is the kind that is so often used for gym lockers or traveling. It can be fully inspected and even a master locksmith would not find any 'foul play'.

Yet, you are able to perform amazing feats with this 'invisible' prop.

A person you are with resets the lock to a three digit number of her choosing, and then she locks the lock. All this is done with your back turned and without peeking.

The dials are thoroughly mixed and the lock is set down upon the table.

You ask the person to think of just one of the numbers and you are able to name the number she is thinking of. This number is placed into the lock and the process is repeated three more times, until all of the numbers have been entered.

Not only does the lock open, but when the lock is turned around it is set to the selected numbers. When the lock is checked it will only open at the participant's selected three digit number.

For a Group:

One person in the group is asked to set the combination lock to a unique three digit number and to keep it secret.

Now the lock is passed amongst the rest of the group who can fully inspect and turn the dials; making sure it doesn't just open on any number.

After the lock has been passed amongst the group, another person is selected to hold the lock.

The performer now asks the first person to think of his selected number. Whilst the second person is holding the padlock on the other side of the room, the performer 'reads' the first person's mind. The performer then calls over to the person holding the lock and tells that person to place three numbers into the lock, done silently by holding up fingers.

Once the numbers are placed within the lock, the person proclaims that the lock has indeed now opened. The lock is shown to the person who set the code, and they confirm that it is the number they were thinking of!

This effect can be performed anywhere, anytime, with any person!

No stooges, pre-show work, or writing down required!

What You Get:

  • Special Padlock: One padlock that that will enable you to perform these amazing effects
  • eBook: A 40 page eBook containing the secret to the effect, scripted routines, along with tried and tested subtleties

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I was looking for something different in psychi lock effects and I purchased this to my regret.
The lock is very small, maybe 4 inches including the hasp so it is hard to see and it is hard to set and work with. THe lovely lock shown in the advertising does not resemble the real lock.
I had problems with it from the get go. I followed the instructions to changes the lock combo and , although I thought I did everything correctly, I did not change the lock wetting, I cannot go back to the initial setting so I have a $70 lump of metal. Even if I could have correctly reset the lock, this is not a worked. THe small size of it and the need to lign up three numbers on the " open " line leaves a lot of room for error and redos which will not play well in a program.
Save your monry on this one.