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Think Pink - magic

Ditch those bulky gimmicks and read minds with just a pen and paper! Think Pink has been a boon to mentalists all over the world for years, providing information gathering techniques without funny moves. Long unavailable, it's back again and now you can download it as an ebook!

If you've always wanted to lean a tear/peek technique or are shopping for a new one, Think Pink provides everything you need to know, including all the tips and nuances to make this natural and angle free. Perform anywhere - close-up, stand-up, or stage - and with any type of paper - note cards, business cards, Post-it Notes, etc. - without sleights or switches! And yet the information is always ready to be peeked and face up! Also included are 11 different routines for application of the technique you learn here, including contributions from top mentalists like Andrew Gerard, Kenton Knepper and Greg Arce!

So if you've been looking for a simple way to get spectator information on the fly, then Think Pink! Download and learn today!

"Think Pink is one of the most powerful tools you will have at your disposal. These touches that are offered here are priceless. If you really want someone to think you can reach inside their mind and reveal their innermost thoughts, this is the one thing you MUST know."Andrew Gerard


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This is a good center year that allows you to get a large peek at what someone wrote in a card. He also gives you justification for tearing the card which I like.

Think Pink by Ran Pink