Instant Gig Getter

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Instant Gig Getter - magic

IGG - According to Wikipedia "This is the most common type of antibody found in humans. It protects the body from infection."

IGG - Here this means "Instant Gig Getter." It insulates your performance from potential spectator disinterest. It also 'infects' your participant with absolute amazement.

IGG is an instant killer. You could ideally do this for someone from whom you may be soliciting a gig - an agent or a VIP client, etc.

Right in the beginning, you push a single playing card into the participant's pocket without showing it to him. Then you ask him to check the playing card against his date of birth, which he does. He will be shocked to see that it is exactly the same card that he removes from his own pocket.

As a nice kicker, even a word against his date of birth is impossibly predicted by you and you also explain the hidden meaning of that word.

Most likely you will get that gig.

No sleights, no stooges and no pre show. No stack, no gaff playing cards and in fact no playing cards at all. No peeks, no tears, no impressions, no threads, no electronics, no PA or BA. The prediction is totally open and ungimmicked. This is simple, easy, clean and direct. Everything you will need is included here and you can start performing right away.

Special Revelation - A very special revelation idea is also included which may alone be possibly worth the cost of the entire offering. Here you ask the participant to openly read the prediction aloud right at the beginning. Then after the routine, when the participant again reads the same prediction aloud, the revelation will hit him hard in the face in a very unconventional and innovative manner.

This includes physical gimmicks and an online PDF, which can be instantly downloaded.

Also included are several alternate revelation ideas.


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  • RLee asks: Two (well, three) questions: a), is this specifically a card trick, or could something else be written down? b), is this a (choose one) close-up/strolling/parlour/stage effect? c), could this be a 2person effect, where spec#1 reads the "prediction", and spec#2 does the work? Thx, RLee

    • 1. Jim answers: In theory, you could use something other than cards. It would be up to you to work it out. The author states that the prefers to use it one on one. Again, b and c would need some experimentation, but options should be possible if you put some effort in.
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