Pocket Minds Trick
Pocket Minds
Trick by UNKNOWN MENTALIST - $29.95

One poker-sized card, five amazing effects. See what top mentalists already know about the power of Pocket Minds. With this one well-designed card, you are able to divine: a thought-of worda word related to volunteer's date of birtha thought-of symbola thought-of elementa date of birthSounds...

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Deckless ACAAN Magic download (ebook)
Deckless ACAAN
Magic download (ebook) by UNKNOWN MENTALIST - $30.00

Based on an old and underused method, here are 16 ACAAN routines, some that are even deckless, to confound and flabbergast your spectators! Deckless ACAAN is perfect for the mentalist - no stooges, no swami, no sleights, no anything! You can even perform this again immediately with a...

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