Balloon Burster

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Balloon Burster - magic
Balloon Burster Balloon Burster Balloon Burster Balloon Burster Balloon Burster Balloon Burster

A self-contained telekinesis miracle that can be performed under test conditions!

Your spectator is offered a choice of any color balloon they desire. This balloon is then blown up, attached to a stick and handed to the spectator to hold. From this moment on, you never touch the balloon again. In fact, you even take a few steps back to ensure you're as far away from the spectator as possible.

Then, as you concentrate all your mental powers, the balloon pops on its own. Your audience will lose their minds when they realize you were able to burst this balloon with this your psychic energy.

Balloon Buster is incredibly easy to do. The ingenious, microelectronic system handles everything for you, allowing you to focus on your presentation and truly make this look like an impossible feat. It can be performed with nearly any balloon.

Each Pack Comes With:

  • The electronic gimmick
  • A built-in rechargeable battery
  • A USB charging cable
  • Access to a comprehensive online tutorial

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  • Julian asks: Am I correct in thinking that, in order to do the multiple balloon burst in the video, you'd have to buy multiple quantities of this item? And if so, is it possible to burst them in sequence rather than all at once. It would be fun to get several spectator's to 'shoot' their balloon one after the other with slightly random time intervals between bursts 'triggered' by he spectators' movements. (All at once might suggest electronics in the mind of the audience?) That might shift this from parlour to stage.

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  • Daniel asks: Is it possible to pops few ballons during the show? I consider to use it as a lie detector and ballons will be inflated before.

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  • Josh asks: Does the balloon need to be in a balloon cup and stick to bust or can it be held by hand or sitting on a table

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