Magic by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $34.95

Taiwan Ben's BOTTLED is the smoothest Cap in Bottle you will ever perform. The method is DEVIOUS! This is a new concept for the Cap in Bottle effect. It's very easy to learn and perform. BOTH bottle and cap can be 100% inspected BEFORE AND AFTER!! Place the cap on the palm of your hand. Quickly...

Muse Rope Trick
Muse Rope
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $34.95

Good rope magic doesn't come about very often, and when this came across our desk, we took notice. A strong, simple routine!This is amazing rope magic with maximum effect. Don't let the simplicity of methods give you the wrong impression. The routines taught are professional and can easily...

MOVE Trick
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $34.95

From the mind of Danny Weiser comes a new twist on the Kineti-key effect! MOVE Imagine using a pen throughout your performance, allowing the spectator to use AND inspect it as well. Then, under your complete control, you cause the clip to detach from the cap and move along the...

Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $34.95

Headphones have become a common accessory for almost everyone. This simple effect allows you to gradually change a headphone cord into the shape of a selected card! This precision gimmick does just that and can be carried with you at all times. Allowing you to perform organic miracles...

Numberic Cards Trick
Numberic Cards
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $14.95

Now you can determine their lucky number even while blindfolded!You show your spectator several cards, each with many numbers. They freely think of ANY number on ANY card, yet you are able to connect your mind with the spectator's and read her mind while BLINDFOLDED. This is as close to a real mind...

MFX Card Trick
MFX Card
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $19.95

Instagram magicians take note!  This is exactly the sort of visual magic you will absolutely love. This is a smart combination of three effects into ONE special gimmick. It's a cute card effect in which you "bite" off a corner of a chosen card, then spit it back on, and then...

Benglas Effect Trick
Benglas Effect
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $120.00

As known to everyone, the magicians have been figured out how the berglas effect works since many years ago. If you were still looking for the one you do not disappointed, I would like to present you the Be"n"glas effect that will be your favortie version.This Product Features: NO Stooges. Instant...

The Dragon Ring 23mm Trick
The Dragon Ring 23mm
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $125.00

Effect:With the Dragon Ring you will have the ability to shift your ring from finger to finger with no odd moves or sleight of hand.For the first time this effect can be performed smoothly without difficult sleight of hand!Simply let the precision gimmicks do the work for you. You will wear this...

Extradimensional space Trick
Extradimensional space
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $60.00

This is one of the most visual effects you will ever perform! Everyone who sees this thinks Extra-Dimensional Space is a camera trick! Make no mistake! You will be performing this within minutes after receiving it!With No Camera trick, No assistants, and No sleeves, You can produce a Baguette from...

Don't Lie Spirit Bell Trick
Don't Lie Spirit Bell
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $350.00

The effect is centuries old. It has been performed throughout the world for just as long.A spectator asks a question and the bell rings back, answering the spectators questions. This bell hangs on a beautiful crystal clear acrylic arm. There is absolutely no question that the bell is not attached...

Ghost Alarm Clock Trick
Ghost Alarm Clock
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $450.00

Sense the beginning of time people have been attempting to contact the spirit world. This antique alarm clock is the link between you, your audience and the spirit world. With this extremely versatile gimmick you will be able to perform for audiences of one to one thousand! The Ghost Alarm Clock is...

Card Fountain X Trick
Card Fountain X
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $110.00

Cards flying in the air is one of the most classic images in magic. A strong remote signal and strong motor make this Cards fountain a utility that will last you a lifetime. This utility is great for ALL types of performers, from performing on the street to doing Kids Shows! Unlimited uses!...

Karate Cap Trick (pre-order)
Karate Cap
Trick (pre-order) by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $29.95

A classic of magic reimagined for today's street artists. One of the most powerful acts of force is taking an everyday object and transforming it right before your spectator's eyes. Taiwan Ben has taken the Karate Coin concept to a new level. Imagine removing the cap off of your favorite drink (or...

Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - From $24.95

It's time to take your revelations to a whole new level with SWAG PRO! Now you can carry your reveal device with you everywhere you go as a key chain, necklace, bag tag, etc.! The spectator simply closes their hand around the tag and, after concentrating on their card, opens their hand to...

Smart Cubes RED Trick
Smart Cubes RED
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $275.00

You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. In one of the columns, the number sequence is from top to bottom, in the second column of cubes exactly the opposite. You cover one of the columns and instantly the cubes match the other column. The audience can see...