Magic by Julio Montoro

Wall Street Trick
Wall Street
Trick by Julio Montoro - $29.95

A multiple bill change with removable gimmick! Wall Street allows you to change any type of bill multiple times in an insanely visual way: the bill stays in full view all the time, no cover needed. With just a shake, the change happens! The best part? It works with bills of any size and you can...

Rejoined Express Trick
Rejoined Express
Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $39.95

“Rejoined” was a huge hit in 2016, selling over 5,000 around the world. João Miranda and Julio Montoro are proud to now release “Rejoined Express”. This is a unique take on a torn and restored plot which is pure eye candy. This feels totally impromptu because it uses something so everyday. So...

Pocket  DVD
DVD by Julio Montoro - $29.95

Pocket is an insanely visual card change that doesn't happen in your hands, but in your pocket! All the way from Spain, Julio Montoro shares a brilliant utility system that allows the visual magic to happen in an isolated space that's away from magicians' hands. Hands off color changing...

Pringles Go Trick
Pringles Go
Trick by Julio Montoro and Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

An ORDINARY and POPULAR snack the whole world is familiar with - potato chips! PRINGLES GO is a visually stunning color change using a normal can of chips. Imagine taking a red can of chips and VISUALLY changing it to green!! Get two and perform transportation effects... A fantastic, natural piece...

Rejoined Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $49.95

Rejoined is a stunning and incredibly visual signed torn and restored card routine like no other, from the creative minds of Julio Montoro and João Miranda. The effect is as follows. The performer spreads the cards and asks the spectator to remove any card, which is then signed on the...

Selfie King Trick
Selfie King
Trick by Julio Montoro and Victor Sanz - $25.00

Selfie King is the next generation of card magic. Two playing cards physically take a selfie and send it to your phone with this eye-popping miracle from Julio Montoro and Victor Sanz. Here's what happens... As you show the Queen of Clubs and King of Diamonds to your spectator, the King suddenly...

Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $39.95

Wow! Doesn't this look great? This is a terrific, whimsical plot that looks great live up close, for a camera, or even for a parlor show. You can get through the whole routine in less than 90 seconds, making it the perfect quickie.  From the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio...

Pop Change DVD
Pop Change
DVD by Julio Montoro - $24.95

One of the most visual color changing can effects we have ever seen! Color Changing Drink has been a popular magic plot for decades but itmostly involves changing the content or the packaging with a cover. For the very first time, our friend all the way from Spain, Julio Montoro, brings you a...

Fresh Snack Trick
Fresh Snack
Trick by Julio Montoro - $35.00

4 visual changes in 1 incredible gimmick! This amazing magic trick from the creative mind of Julio Montoro allows you visually transform a yellow M&M packet into 4 other snacks. You will change not only the colors, but the sizes as well--allowing you to fully customize the final appearance. The...

Blend Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Julio Montoro - $10.00

With Blend, you will be able to perform a visual gem using just a pack of chewing gum. You can give an impossible gift to the spectator, which they will keep as a souvenir. In the first phase, you tear off the top of the gum packet, and restore it in an impossible way. In the second...

Chop Coke Trick
Chop Coke
Trick by Julio Montoro and Marcos Waldemar - $39.95

Why carry a suspicious-looking cup around with you? Instead, how about something innocuous that no one question? Welcome to Chop Coke! Now you can perform all your favorite routines while on the go, yet it easily fits into your pocket. Small, compact and ready to go when you are. Chop Coke...

Everyday Magic Kit for Social Media Trick (pre-order)
Everyday Magic Kit for Social Media
Trick (pre-order) by Julio Montoro - $35.00

When it comes to social media magic and virtual magic shows, visual magic is key! Now, thanks to Julio Montoro, you can grab an incredible magic kit designed exclusively to help you produce mind-blowing magic content and gain new followers! Julio Montoro, who has built a reputation for producing...

X Change DVD
X Change
DVD by Julio Montoro - $34.95

Change a drawing into a real life object! Julio Montoro from Spain, has come up with an amazingly commercial way to materialize or visually change sharpie drawings on a spectator's single, signed, card. After the magic moment, you can immediately hand out the card without any...

Flavoure Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro - $29.95

Flavoure is a modern, contemporary, visual transpo effect with two pieces of chewing gum from Julio Montoro and is perfect for the street-style performer. Bringing the copper/silver plot into the 21st century, Flavoure uses ordinary objects to create a highly visual effect done with no...

Manila DVD
DVD by Julio Montoro - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Manila allows you to perform incredible card changes, transpositions, appearances, vanishes and color changes. It can even be used with signed cards!. Includes DVD and gimmicks