Magic by Felix Bodden

In a Flash DVD
In a Flash
DVD by SansMinds and Felix Bodden - $24.99 NOW $12.49 (SAVE $12.50)

A transposition is one of the most powerful and notable effects in all of magic. Its uniqueness is so prominent that noted author, Dariel Fitzkee, referred to it as one of the fundamental effects. From being featured in acts around the world, and even in Hollywood films, a transposition is a...

Cortana DVD
DVD by Felix Bodden - $24.95

Cortana is the brand new penetration effect from Felix Bodden - one of the fairest and most visual, using nothing but a playing card and a banknote. Unlike many traditional penetration effects, Cortana allows you to take a playing card and penetrate any paper object in a slow and...

Social Media Magic Volume 1 Trick
Social Media Magic Volume 1
Trick by Felix Bodden and SansMinds Productionz - $44.95

Every new stage in technological advancement has given birth to a new form of media -- circuit, theater, radio, TV, and now, the Internet. Every generation has a platform where artists can get their names out to a larger crowd and build their career. Social media, without a doubt, is THE mainstream...