Magic by Felix Bodden

In a Flash DVD
In a Flash
DVD by SansMinds and Felix Bodden - 34.99

A transposition is one of the most powerful and notable effects in all of magic. Its uniqueness is so prominent that noted author, Dariel Fitzkee,...

Social Media Magic Volume 1 Trick
Social Media Magic Volume 1
Trick by Felix Bodden and SansMinds Productionz - 44.95

Every new stage in technological advancement has given birth to a new form of media -- circuit, theater, radio, TV, and now, the Internet. Every...

Cortana DVD
DVD by Felix Bodden - 24.95

Cortana is the brand new penetration effect from Felix Bodden - one of the fairest and most visual, using nothing but a playing card and a...

Eye Candy by Felix Bodden Trick
Eye Candy by Felix Bodden
Trick by Julio Montoro and Felix Bodden - 35.00

Renowned social media magician and viral sensation Felix Bodden has joined forces with Julio Montoro to give you an exclusive look at his most...