Eye Candy by Felix Bodden

Trick by Julio Montoro and Felix Bodden
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Eye Candy by Felix Bodden

35.00 usd

Trick by Julio Montoro and Felix Bodden (35.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Eye Candy by Felix Bodden - magic
Eye Candy by Felix Bodden Eye Candy by Felix Bodden Eye Candy by Felix Bodden Eye Candy by Felix Bodden Eye Candy by Felix Bodden

Renowned social media magician and viral sensation Felix Bodden has joined forces with Julio Montoro to give you an exclusive look at his most incredible magic tricks for social media.

With "Eye Candy", you'll get three amazing and visual effects that will astound both laypeople and magicians alike. Most importantly though, this incredible collection teaches you how to harness your own creativity and discover the secret behind magic tricks that go viral on social media platforms ilke TikTok and Instagram.

Vanishing Card
A super unique visual vanish of a playing card where only the frame of the card remains when you're done.

Instantly transform a sponge ball into a full deck of cards. The box can even be shown from all sides. The sponge ball is nowhere to be found.

4 King Production
Without even needing to touch the deck, you're able to impossibly produce the Kings in an incredible way.

Each "Eye Candy" set comes with a full tutorial and most of the materials you'll need to construct the gimmick (except for a few things that you probably already have around your home). Each gimmick is easy to make and takes only about 10 minutes. There is, of course, also the added benefit of getting to experience firsthand the thinking behind putting together innovative gimmicks.


Customer reviews for Eye Candy by Felix Bodden



I LOVE THIS! (The self revealing kings are killer, bc once you know how to create the gimmick, it has all kinds of applications, such as a shock ending for any bit in which the magician keeps producing/finding the Aces...) Granted, what I got in the box made me scratch my head a bit, but it all made perfect sense during the tutorial. All of it is really neat, but all the effects are "assembly required". Some people aren't going to like the fact that they construct the gimmicks THEMSELVES based on the tutorial, but I think it's a really cool feature! It's like a class on "gimmickology" if that's a thing (if it isn't, it should be!). As far as I'm concerned, the instructions were worth the price, but I've been told I'm strange...So, if you're down to learn something new, if your down to get your hands a little dirty, this neat little box of stuff is for you; totally worth the price. BUT if you want a premade set of tricks/gimmicks, you'll probably want to check out another product.I personally LOVE knowing how to create my own stuff!!TATTOOFACE



I can't believe I paid $35 for this thing. It is way to complex to get ready (a lot of gluing, and cutting, and sewing and nonsense) in order for this trick to work. It's one thing to have to do a little work to get a trick ready, but this is entirely ridiculous. The way I see it, if they want you to glue and cut, then do it for me and include the glued and cut items already in the box. I'll pay a little extra for that. The item description says: "Each gimmick is easy to make and takes only about 10 minutes" - this might be true if you've done this 100 times, but I don't think it's reasonable at all for a person who just got it. I can see a lot of mistakes happening and frustration building up.

I'd stay away from this product if I were you.

Makers of this product, include the already completed gimmicked items in the box and charge a little more if you need to.


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