Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction)

Trick by Julio Montoro
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Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction)

49.95 usd

Trick by Julio Montoro (49.95)

In stock.
Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) - magic
Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction)

Julio Montoro has cracked the code to a ring flight where the spectator not only holds the keys, but the gimmick can be used for an unbelievable prediction effect as well.

After four years in development, Julio Montoro presents "Flyyy", a one-of-a-kind device that allows you to perform a ring flight routine that is as close to real magic as possible.

Your spectator holds the keys or they are kept on the table from the the start of the routine. You then borrow a ring and transform it into a permanent circle on your palm. That circle then vanishes from your hand and travels to the keys in your spectator's hand. They won't believe their eyes when they look down and see their ring is impossibly attached to the key ring.

This would be worth the price of "Flyyy" on it's own. But, Julio didn't stop there.

With "Flyyy," you can also perform "The Pocket Master Prediction", one of Julio's favorite stage illusions remastered for a close-up environment.

"The Pocket Master Prediction" allows you to make any freely named word appear on a plastic tag on the key ring. A city, an object, a food, a dream or any other word they name. It's truly a free prediction.

What You Receive:

  • Two precision made steel "Flyyy" gimmicks
  • The hook for your ring flight
  • Two specially-crafted plastic tags for your "Pocket Master Prediction"
  • A perfect-sized notepad for performing the prediction
  • A special marker
  • Some extra secret materials
  • A carrying bag to keep your gimmicks safe

Customer reviews for Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction)



Without giving away the gimmick, mine couldn't hold up the weight of a normal ring. I have other ring flites that are much better than this. I tried it after the set up and the ring just fell off. Luckily, I was doing it for someone that knows I am trying a new trick. Would've been embarrassing if it was in front of a real spectator. The gimmick is much too small and weak to hold anything but the smallest and lightest of rings.


Community questions about Flyyy (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction)

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  • Steven asks: Is this easy to do? (Both tricks)

    • 1. Jim answers: I'd say they are medium skill. Keep in mind this is completely subjective, as what is easy for me, may take more practice for you. I hope that helps!
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  • Gene asks: Perhaps it is obvious but can you use this as a card prediction?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you could use this to do a card prediction if you prefer.
  • Paul asks: Given that you tear off a page of the notebook each time you use it. Once all the pages have been used, can it be replaced by a notebook purchased at a stationers or is this a special notebook which has to be bought / replaced through Van Inc ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the notepad is totally normal and can easily be replaced.
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