Magic by Victor Sanz

InstaProject Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive InstaProject
Trick by Julio Montoro and Victor Sanz - 74.95

9 hyper-visual effects. 6 years in the making. 1 incredible set. The kings of visual magic, Victor Sanz and Julio Montoro, have teamed up to bring...

Contrast DVD
DVD by Victor Sanz - 34.95

Contrast is a single card color change that you can do to a SIGNED and TORN card. The change is extremely visual and can be done openly right in...

Glare Trick
Trick by Victor Sanz - 39.95

Light and shadows come together to present three beautifully artistic reveals. "Glare" by Victor Sanz is a remarkable tribute to the...

Fuse It Trick
Fuse It
Trick by Victor Sanz - 39.95

A pocket miracle with post-it notes. Two signed notes fuse together. You sign a Post-It note and then allow someone to peel it off the pad and...

Red Mint Trick
Red Mint
Trick by Victor Sanz - 49.95

A pack of gum visually changes color and flavor.  First the box, then a single piece of gum and finally all of the pieces visible in...

Selfie King Trick
Selfie King
Trick by Julio Montoro and Victor Sanz - 25.00

Selfie King is the next generation of card magic. Two playing cards physically take a selfie and send it to your phone with this eye-popping miracle...

Moonwave Trick
Trick by Victor Sanz and Agus Tjiu - 39.95

A card impossibly vanishes in mid-air. "Moonwave" is one of Victor Sanz's most guarded secrets of the last decade. Finally, with support...

Ink'A'Change Trick
Trick by Victor Sanz - 34.95

From the mind of Victor Sanz, comes a utility effect that is so useful, so clean, and so visually stunning. By introducing a stack of business cards...

Tac Tick Trick
Tac Tick
Trick by Victor Sanz - 24.80

New from the creator of INKACHANGE, Tac Tick is an incredible close-up illusion using a normal box of Tic Tacs. You draw a simple design on...

Self-Flipping Notepad Trick
Self-Flipping Notepad
Trick by Victor Sanz - 29.99

Your audience will flip their lids when they see the Self-Flipping Notepad! This might be your new favorite revelation!The Self-Flipping Notepad is...