Magic by Agus Tjiu

Gamma Trick
Trick by Agus Tjiu - 39.95

Gamma allows you to perform one of the cleanest color changes with NO COVER at all. First the color changes. Then the suit. All in front of your...

Klik Trick
Trick by Agus Tjiu - 29.95

Welcome to KLIK! With just one click from a spectator's camera phone, they can witness the card literally changing as they take the shot and capture...

Moonwave Trick
Trick by Victor Sanz and Agus Tjiu - 39.95

A card impossibly vanishes in mid-air. "Moonwave" is one of Victor Sanz's most guarded secrets of the last decade. Finally, with support...

Inscribed Trick
Trick by Agus Tjiu and Ma Arif - 500.00

A revolutionary Master Prediction System! Produce an EXACT prediction of ANYTHING (numbers, words, doodles, etc.) from a envelope sealed inside a...

Void (Agus Tjiu) Trick
Void (Agus Tjiu)
Trick by Agus Tjiu - 39.95

From Agus Tjiu, the creator of 'Cross' and 'Nametag', Vanishing Inc are proud to be able to off you a new and improved visual hole...

Name Tag Trick
Name Tag
Trick by Agus Tjiu - 44.95

A prop which allows for interesting predictions and revelations. Ideal for corporate events. The gimmick is well made and looks modern ...

Cross Bonus Pack Trick
Cross Bonus Pack
Trick by Agus Tjiu - 39.95

A very visual and killer effect from one of the great minds from Indonesia, Agus Tjiu. The spectator freely choose any random card, and signed it...

Refill Envelopes for Inscribed (10-Pack) Trick
Refill Envelopes for Inscribed (10-Pack)
Trick by Agus Tjiu and Ma Arif - 19.95

Refill envelopes for "Inscribed" by Agus Tjiu & Ma Arif. 10 ready-to-use envelopes per pack. Envelopes only. No instructions or other...