Color Prediction

Trick by Julio Montoro
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Color Prediction

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Trick by Julio Montoro (39.95)

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Color Prediction - magic
Color Prediction Color Prediction Color Prediction Color Prediction Color Prediction Color Prediction

An instant sellout at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2023 is now available worldwide!

Originally released at Blackpool as "Hanging Bricks", Julio Montoro's "Color Prediction" is an EDC mentalism effect that you can carry on your keys. Some of the best magicians and mentalists in the world bought it as soon as they saw a performance.

Your volunteer chooses two random colors from a set of four toy bricks and assembles them in any way they'd like. They then take the remaining two and freely place them in the stack as well. You open your hand to reveal you've been hiding a prediction that perfectly matches their choices.

You'll receive a special set of gimmicks that you can attach to your keys and take with you everywhere. The included tutorial will show you how easy and practical this is, and will have you eager to carry it with you everywhere you go. If you can remember two numbers, you can perform this.

"Color Prediction" by Julio Montoro is the perfect piece of strong magic to performing on the spot anywhere you go.

Please be aware you will need both a red and blue Sharpie to be able to do a one-time set up of your gimmick. These are not included in the package. Some arts & crafts work will be needed.


Customer reviews for Color Prediction



In a line, the project/trick is just ok.

Was really excited about this project, it somehow reminded me to the super expensive "treat" from Promystic, reserved probably for actual pros/performers. Just a random connection before my review below.

Method: 8 (really clever)
Quality: 5 (gimmick feels somewhat filmsy, and handling is manageable but not super smooth, was expecting better quality/"tech" -eg. where no art&craft would be needed-).
Teaching: 6 (good teaching, walking you through the one time setup the routine and how to handle inspectability and different scenarios)
Routine: 5 (There are some hurdles that makes it not really organic in my view)
Inspectability: 3 (requires a sw***h)
Drawer chances: 75%. Honestly, I think there are really good chances that this one ends up in my magic drawer.

Arts&Craft: It's simple what you need to do but still conceptually I really do not like arts and crafts (I know that there is a disclaimer that I am not sure when was included, probably after my purchase :) anyways).
(*)Dearest Magicians/creators of magic: first of all, RESPECT and THANKS, keep doing what you are doing and please give us more organic no card tricks, and secondly, we buy tricks because we are too lazy to art&craft, or create our own tricks, and we are willing to pay a fair premium for doing so. So we just want to get it out of the box to practice and then perform. So spare us the trouble (to the extent feasible), ok? Thank you.


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