Locked for Life

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Locked for Life

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Locked for Life - magic
Locked for Life Locked for Life Locked for Life Locked for Life Locked for Life Locked for Life

Locked for Life -- a Magicbox Exclusive trick.

The spectator is handed an open brass combination padlock. They are then asked to link their ring onto the lock and snap it closed. The combination is mixed up and the spectator is asked to try and guess what it is. Unfortunately, they don't have much luck. The performer comes up with an idea and asks the spectator to put their year of birth into the lock. This enables the lock to open, so the spectator gets their ring back.

This specially gimmicked padlock does all the work for you. You don't need to know the spectator's year of birth. In fact, any date will work. The number doesn't have to be a year of birth, it could be the first four digits of a phone number, an important year to a spectator (more personal!) ... anything you want!

The incredibly clever method to this trick leaves it open to a range of possibilities for both magic and mentalism.


Community questions about Locked for Life

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  • Treven asks: Is it electronic? Could it really be any 4 digit combo? And you don’t need any previous info on the person? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is not electronic, and you do not need to know prior information about the spectator.
  • Treven asks: do you have to be careful when the spectator has it? if they play with it long enough could they figure out a way to open it? how careful do you have to be?

    • 1. Tony answers: In my opinion, most people can figure out if they play with it for an hour
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Customer reviews for Locked for Life



What a great fun easy but effective trick to do, comes in a nice presentation box, including written instructions, and video demonstrations, and a full video tutorial on how too, there are two types of number variations that you can use, the spectator does all the work, you can learn how to do/set up this trick in a very short space of time too.
(set up, and re set with in seconds).



This is a great trick Love performing this trick some people do figure out the combination What I do after I lock the rigpng I try to find the pen also a tip I don’t like saying mix the number maybe say check everything on the lock That why if the mix the number you can go I’m sorry I for got you had to right the combination first

Locked for Life by Magicbox.uk