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Beyond ESP 3 2.0 Trick
Beyond ESP 3 2.0
Trick by - 45.00

Beyond ESP is back and even better than before with an improved marking system! Our new markings are even larger and even easier to read, yet still...

Family Values 2.0 Trick
Family Values 2.0
Trick by Mark Elsdon and - 39.95

Two great effects, one unforgettable moment. "Family Values" by Mark Elsdon is back and better than ever. "Family Values 2.0"...

Locked for Life Trick
Locked for Life
Trick by - 59.50

Locked for Life -- a Magicbox Exclusive trick. The spectator is handed an open brass combination padlock. They are then asked to link their ring onto...

Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls Trick
Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls
Trick by and Daniel Dorian Johnson - 29.95

Mr. Freak (Daniel Dorian Johnson) and Magicbox proudly present "Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls". This easy-to-carry, complete Cups and...

Precognition 365 Trick
Precognition 365
Trick by - 65.00

Using a single diary and a greeting card (pre-printed ready to use), you are ready to devastate your audience with a five-phase demonstration of your...

Every Inch a Lady Trick
Every Inch a Lady
Trick by - 24.95

Packet tricks get a bad wrap in our field, but the truth is, they are a very potent way to establish credibility and do amazing magic. The big...